Workouts this week:

Tuesday  – 5 x 1000 (400 RI)
Did not run.Thursday – 3 miles easy, 3 miles @ short tempo, 1 mile easy
Did not run.Saturday – 11 miles at HMP, 10 minutes walking
I only ran 6 miles with a 5 minute cooldown for a total of 6.29.Total ran this week was 6.29. I was in a funky mood this week.  Tired?  Probably, so I took a break.  I felt better on Saturday but my body was just not up for running 11 miles.  I think I need to review my training plan again.  Do I really need to run 11 miles the weekend after a half marathon?

I am sure this week will be a great week.  No school on Monday, the following week we have teacher institute day on Tuesday, and the the week after that we are off on Monday.  Oh yeah, I plan to get all of my workouts too.  I cannot wait till Spring Break because I will be going to Riviera Maya.  I am looking forward to the warm weather, the non stop drinks by the pool, and the chance to finally relax and not think about work.  I received these cute Pro Compression socks.  Love the color!

Weekly Workouts, February 11-17, 2013


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