This month I ran 85.68 miles compared to 66.18 last month.  Last year in March I ran 106.20 miles but that’s because I ran a half marathon AND an ultra marathon.  🙂

I ran two half marathons in March:  Little Rock Half Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Nation’s Capital Marathon and Half Marathon.  Both were fun but challenging.  I am trying really hard to enjoy a little bit my races.  I know I won’t always have a great race but they can’t all be horrible right?

In April I have two races:  Run Raleigh and Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half Marathon.  At the latter race I’ll be meeting Laura from Absolut(ly) Fit.  I am excited and looking forward to it.  I’ve changed my airline reservations to Nashville (again) so that I get in at a reasonable time to pick up my bib and leave on the last flight so that I am not rushing out of the race and hotel to get to airport.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent a couple of hours booking hotels for my upcoming trips/races. Ugh, it took so long but at least I am set except for Savannah, GA.  The logistics of getting to the expo and the start line make my head hurt.  I am not sure if I want to go there anymore.  Anyone wants to go with me?

I am looking into yoga classes, specifically bikram.  Right now Bikram Yoga River North has two specials: $29 for one month of unlimited yoga and $100 for 10 classes.  I’ve purchased the 10 classes and will start going when I get back from vacation.  Tomorrow morning I am off for 5 days in Riviera Maya.

Look what I go in the mail the other day?  Yes, I am a Rock Encore.  I got this medal for completing two RNR races this year (Arizona and Washington DC).

March in Review

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  1. Um, hi! I'm an IDIOT! I had no idea you moved your blog. I must've missed that along the way. I still had your old one on my ticker thingie. So sorry! I just assumed you had been busy and had given it up. LOL.Okay, I'm back to reading now. Sorry about that! I'm really looking forward to San Diego!!!!!

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