Workouts this week:

Tuesday – 5 x 1000 (400 RI)
Done.  Next week’s speed workouts are 6 x 400s.  Yay, I like those!!

Thursday – Yoga
I went to my first bikram yoga class on Thursday.  It was not easy but I found it to be relaxing.  I made a few rookie mistakes (I forgot to take my mat so I had to rent one, need longer towel to cover mat, extra towel to wipe off sweat from face, and drink a gallon a water prior to class) and don’t want to make them again for my next class.  The plan is to go again on Thursday and Friday this week.

Saturday– Half Marathon
I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon today.  It was a gorgeous day (no rain) and not hot at all. The course was blah but not horrible.  I am even pleased with my finish time of 2:23:34!

Upcoming races:  Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon on May 26 and Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon on June 2.

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