This month I ran 73.89 miles compared to 71.64 last month.

I ran two half marathons: Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland and Boston’s Run to Remember.  I LOVED both races!!  I encourage you to run both of them.

My upcoming races in June are Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego on June 2nd and Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle on June 22nd.  Definitely taking advantage of the TourPass.

I’ve been to bikram yoga twice and do like it.  I wish I could go more often.  I guess I can do that once I am done with school which is next Friday.  Yay!!

My Mizuno Wave Elixir have not given me any problem.  Well, the only problem is I get blisters from the orthotics.  I read that Brooks is coming out with their new Ghost 6 and they’re supposed to be amazing.  I love the ad featuring that they’re made of real float dust.  I’ve ran in the Ghost 5 but they hurt my feet.  I am hoping the new version are pain free.

May in Review

I love buying new running gear and have purchased two pairs of socks, a skort/skirt, and a couple of T-shirts. I am addicted.

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  1. Will you be doing the R&R in Chicago in July?Running gear is so plentiful and addictive! I have to restrain myself from even browsing! I just picked up some new balance marathon shoes from their Boston Marathon line! Almost time to wear them!I wish I had more time for Bikram as well! Before Having a kid, I'd go 4 times a week or so, LOVED IT! Now, no time and probably better to have that money too lol

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