Congratulations to Jeffrey Lamers for winning a free pair of Pro Compression Trainer Low socks.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this giveaway.  Remember, you can still get your very own pair or pairs and use coupon code JULY for 40% AND free shipping.

Yesterday I went for a 14 miles run.  It was a gorgeous day.

I used the Nike + Running app on my phone.  I will admit that I liked it!

Total miles ran was 14 miles; fastest was 10:22 and slowest was 12:29.

I used my sample of Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream from my StrideBox.  Sadly I chafed in the bra area but more than ever!  I am convinced it is the bra so I will need to get new ones.  However, I did not chafe in the inner thighs so that’s a relief!  In the past I’ve used Body Glide and Aquafor but found the latter to be too greasy.  I’ve used it twice and have some greasy stains in my shirts.  The Blue Steel Sports cream was not greasy at all, in fact it had sort of a silky touch, and had a light tea tree oil scent that goes away in case you are not too fond of the scent.

I am still sore from yesterday’s run and it was only 14 miles.  I cringe to think about running 15, 16, 17, etc, miles to prepare for the Goofy Challenge.  And I will be doing runs on Saturday AND Sunday!  Oh well, that is why it is called a challenge.

Just Keep Running!

4 Comments on Pro Compression Socks Giveaway Winner and Saturday Long Run

  1. Not a challenge, an opportunity!!Speaking of greasy, one of my running shirts had some off laundry stain.. right over the right chest so it looks like my nipple was all greasy. At least once I get sweaty, you can't notice, but still! ODD!!Keep up your training!

  2. Your 14-miler sounds like it went really well! How cool that you got a sample of anti-chafe cream in your StrideBox, too. I always use BodyGlide and it works well, but I agree with you that it can get a little messy. That Blue Steel sports cream sound fantastic.Ahhh, the Goofy Challenge!!! So exciting!!! You are going to ROCK it!!! Are you going to wear a costume to run at Disney!?!?!?

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