Whew I cannot believe September is here!  I feel like my summer break just flew by.  My first day of school was last Monday and my first day with my kiddos was on Wednesday.  As of now I have 25 students.  They’re all really cute and I like them a lot.  It took me about 2 days to organize my classroom but I still have to organize it a bit more.

August in Review

This month I ran 66.05 miles compared to 96.66 in July.  I ran one race: Fort2Base on the 25th.

I have four races in September.  All except one are RnR races.  However, with the cancellations going on right now I hope none of my upcoming races get cancelled.  And if they are then I’ll just find another one.  I purchased a TourPass for my races this year and so far I’ve gotten my money’s worth because I’ve ran 8 races.

I ran on Sunday in Virginia Beach and it was a hot one.  Despite the weather I still had a good time.  The course took us through some shaded areas and there were many supporters.  What’s not to like about that?

Lately I have not been to yoga.  I do miss it.  My plan is to go on Thursdays because I don’t plan to run that day since I have a race on Sunday for the next couple of weeks.  I promise to take it easy and enjoy myself at each race.  If for some reason my body tells me not to run a race then I won’t.  I know I will need to stretch and form roll a lot more.

I am a big fan of ZICO Coconut Water and signed up for the Subscribe and Save program through Amazon.  I opted to receive two boxes (12 bottles in each box) every month.  Delicious!

August in Review

Last week I received two samples of Jimmy Bar!  They were delicious and my favorite was the Super Hip Chocolate Chip.  I need to get more but when I tried to order them online I was shocked with the shipping and handling charge.  I found a store that supposedly sells them so I am going to check it out tomorrow and buy all of them.

August was a good month and here’ to hoping that September is even better!

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Glad to hear that your students are cute and that you are liking them a lot!!! Your classroom looks awesome!!!

    That is awesome that you’ve done 8 RnR races already! You DEFINITELY got your money’s worth. Are all of the RnR races generally pretty similar or are any of them very unique?

    I love Zico coconut water, too. It’s so refreshing! I have several Subscribe and Save items through Amazon, too (like my GU packets) but didn’t realize that Zico was one of the items…

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