Well, the time is almost here.  Just a few more days till I leave for Florida to run one of the craziest races.  I remember hearing about Goofy Challenge a few years ago when I used to work at the bar association and one of our members was collecting money for charity.  I remember thinking “This guy is crazy”. Ha, well the joke is on me because now I am one of those crazy ones.

I will admit that I am excited, nervous, and scared.  I feel OK for the half marathon but what worries me is the full marathon.  The last one I did was over a year ago when I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon.

I did my best to train for this challenge.  I did some running outside and on the treadmill.  The past few weeks has been really cold and we’ve been hit with so much snow that I have no idea when it will all melt.  I really dislike running in the cold and in the snow.  Running this race seemed like a good idea a few months ago and did not take into consideration that I would have to train during the winter.  Boo.

On New Year’s Eve I went to see a Walt Disney exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.  To all of you Disney fans, did you know that Walt Disney was born in Chicago?  There were photos, costumes, artifacts, and many other items commemorating 90 years of The Walt Disney Company. I enjoyed the exhibit very much and am glad I got the chance to see it.  That got me more excited about the races.


Wish me luck!  My goals are to enjoy both races and to finish them within the required time to get all of my medals.

What is your favorite Disney movie?  Mine is “The Lion King.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Disney exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, I have been dying to go see it and now I am even more excited!

    Can’t wait to hear how things went for you at the Goofy Challenge this past weekend!!!

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