AR and I had pizza on Saturday evening.  It was good and hit the spot.


My alarm went off at 3am on Sunday morning.  Dang, why do these races have to start so early?  It felt like I had just gone to bed and closed my eyes and next thing I knew my alarm was going off.  I stayed in bed for a few more minutes then got up and got ready.  I was done in about 15 minutes but knew I had to do one more important thing but couldn’t do it because I hadn’t yet had any coffee.

I went to the lobby to get in line for the shuttle bus.  The line was moving quicker than I thought it would be.  About 2 minutes later AR was in the lobby and then we got on the bus.  The bus ride was about 15 minutes and once we arrived AR and I looked for coffee.  Well, I wanted coffee and she wanted water.  We found it!  What we did not know is that once we passed through the “Runners Only” area, there was free water for the runners.  Boo.  We had paid for the water and coffee.  The things Disney does to squeeze more money from people.



AR and I walked to the start line.  I got in line to use the bathroom twice (just to make sure) and then went to my corral to wait.  I did not wait too long and off we went to run 13.1 miles.  I was hoping to see Jeff Galloway but did not see him at all.


This race is the same course as the one from Walt Disney World Half Marathon.  Oh and it was humid too.

So pretty!  Can you see how foggy it was that morning?


This race went so much better for me.  Maybe because I knew it my last race that weekend and was not worried about another race the next day like I did in January?  It could have been that I knew what to expect and that the killer overpass would not bother me as much.

There were quite a few characters along the way but I did not stop for anyone except Sofia the First.

We look like twins right?

This flag too.


Finish time is 2:32:13.  I did it!  I completed the Glass Slipper Challenge and got 3 medals.  And because I also completed the Coast to Coast Challenge, I got an additional pink medal.



I had a great time in Florida but was looking forward to coming sweet home Chicago.


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  1. All those medals are so cool!!!!

    I feel like a dork for not knowing who Princess Sophia is. I better go google her!

  2. Woo hoo! Looks like a blast!!! Look at all of your race bling! And your picture with Sofia the First is fabulous. I’m with Kim, I actually am not familiar with her so I need to look her up.

    Congrats also on completing the first of your two Coast to Coast challenges this year! You are just PILING up the race medals!

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