1.  I finally got  a running coach.  Coach Sara will be working with me on my three goals: 1) Run a sub-2 half marathon; 2) PR at the Chicago Marathon; and 3) Qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I have a LONG way to go for #3 but I know I can do it.


Why a running coach?  Well, I’ve been running for quite a number of years and haven’t made much improvement.  I’ve followed different plans but it looks like they’re not working for me.  Obviously I am doing something wrong.  I know last year I went a “little” crazy and ran many races.  Well, now it is time to get more serious with my running and hopefully achieve goals #1 and #2 this year.

2) I have been selected as an ambassador for the Fort2Base race on August 24.  I ran this race last year and liked it a lot.  There are two distances to choose from: 3 Nautical Mile (3.45 miles) and 10 Nautical Mile (11.5 miles).  Please use discount code 2014F2BARROYO10 for a 10% off either distance.


3.  How to be an Asshole Blogger in 5 Easy Steps is HILARIOUS!! Love it! There I said it.  I admit it.

4 Comments on Three Things Thursday, May 15, 2014

  1. Woo hoo for coaches! I never thought about this before, but running coaches are kind of like therapists (lol, hear me out) – they look at what we are doing and point out what we don’t see and guide us. Good luck! Sara coached you for the 50K as well, right?

    Yay F2B! I ran it the inaugural year and really enjoyed it. I wish they’d move it back to September though. Even though that is a super busy month for races… I don’t typically race much in August. Too hot. LOL.

    • Yes Sara also coached me for the 50K. I am excited to work with her again. I am meeting her this evening for 4×400 workouts.

      Play it by ear for the F2B. I’ve heard that it will be a cool summer so hopefully it won’t be too hot on race day.

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