1.  Just two more weeks till summer break!  Am I excited?  You bet!   My plans include to continue training for the Chicago Marathon, take one class and work part time.  I know, I know, nothing really exciting.


Last week I got my official teaching assignment for next year.  I will be moving on up to the second floor to teach 2nd grade.  I am very happy about that move.  I’ve taught 1st grade for 5 years and am ready for a change.

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2.  On Sunday, May 25, several ZOOMA ambassadors and I met at Waterfall Glen for a fun run.  And it was so much fun!  There will be more opportunities to join us on these runs.  For more information about the race on August 2 and to learn more about upcoming fun/training runs, visit the ZOOMA website.

  • Saturday, May 31, 9:30am, Universal Sole, 1333 E. Benton Place, Chicago, IL (Chicago Training Kick off)
  • Wednesday, June 4, 6:30pm, Athleta 3415 N. Southport, Chicago, IL
  • Thursday, June 5, 6:30pm, Old Plank Trail at Wolf Road and Rt. 30, Frankfort, IL
  • Wednesday, June 11, 6:30pm, Athleta 3415 N. Southport, Chicago, IL
  • Saturday, July 12, 9:30am, Universal Sole, 1333 E Benton Place, Chicago, IL (10 mile training run)


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I ran with my Camelback Marathoner Vest.  Ha, wasn’t so difficult to fill it up with water but I did have a little bit of trouble actually drinking from it.  Luckily one of the girls I ran with told me what I was doing wrong so now I know the correct way to drink from it.  I plan to run a few more times with it before I write a full review about it.


3.  Please check out Kelly the Culinarian’s Vermont City Marathon Recap.  She ran a marathon in March with a 15 minute PR and then ran again this past weekend and got a 25 minute PR.  Her goal is to BQ.  “Next year, I want to come back and Boston Qualify.  When you cut 25 minutes off in two months, shaving off another 14 in a year seems feasible.”  So true and CONGRATULATIONS Kelly!

As you know, to BQ is also one of my goals.  My current marathon PR is 5:16:53.  That means I need to cut a little over 1 1/2 hours.  Yikes!  I am confident that one day I will get there.  It might not be this year and probably neither the following year but I will get there.

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    • I know you will BQ next year! I’ve been meaning to go back to Brookfield Woods but I had a ZOOMA fun run last weekend and have another one this Saturday. Oh and then I am doing a half on the 7th.

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