Another exciting week of marathon training.  And no I am not  being sarcastic.

Week #2, June 16-22
Monday: 1 mile WU, 40 minutes @ 10:00, 1 mile CD
Done.  WU and CD miles at 10:32 pace and 4 miles at 9:52 pace.

Tuesday: Rest/Stretch

Wednesday:  Run 45 mins @ 10:45 pace
Went outside at 6am and it was already hot and humid.  Took it slow and ran for 45:14 minutes for total miles of 4.20 @10:46 pace.

Thursday:  1 mile WU, 3 x 400m @ 9:10 (1 min RI), 1 mile CD
Great workout! WU and CD @ 10:32 pace, 400m @9:09 pace.  After first interval, I made mental note to let Coach Sara know that it was easy and to give me more.  However, after second one, I was getting tired and decided they weren’t that easy after all.  Ha, after third one, I was tired and for sure knew I couldn’t do more.  Well, now that I have had time to reflect on it, they were challenging but yet I was able to do them.  Regardless, I still like them.

Friday: 45 minutes cross-train
I got a massage that morning.  My quads and calves were tight and the masseuse mentioned it one than once.  I did feel much better afterwards.  After my massage I went to the gym for 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 on the bike.  Oh goodness, I need to find something else to do to cross-train because I get so bored on the elliptical and the bike.

Saturday: 8 miles @ 11:03 min pace
Great run! Ran 8 miles @ 11:05 pace.  Felt great the last two miles.  Oh, and almost perfect negative splits. 


Sunday: Rest/Stretch
This time I did make it to bikram yoga.  It felt so good being there.  There are a few poses I struggle with but I made every effort to do all of them.  


  • I ran with my water belt for my runs on Wednesday and Saturday.  I know it was only 45 minutes on Wednesday but it was a humid morning and I drank both water bottles before I was done with my run.  For Saturday’s run I had HEED Sports Drink.  It wasn’t a hot morning but it was definitely humid.
  • I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga River North and my only complaint is the parking.  Ugh, I hate paying for street parking every time I go there.  Last year I purchased a pass for 10 classes and I have 3 more to go before it expires next month.  I’ve looked into Corepower Yoga which is about 20 minutes from my house (with free parking).  I think it is pricy but as a full-time teacher, I can get a discount.  Another thing I like about this place is that if offers a variety of yoga classes (Hot Power Fusion, CorePower Yoga Sculpt, etc) and not just hot yoga.
  • Next Saturday’s long run is 7 miles.  Let’s see if I can run again negative splits.
  • I am (my legs too) itching for a race.

10 Comments on Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

  1. Congrats on a successful week! My workouts were very similar to yours as well! And I went to BYRN a few years ago, and while it was a great workout, I wasn’t a fan of the staff…

    • I’ve did Pilates a couple of years ago. I know CES offers a few classes over the summer so I will look into that. I know there will be a class at Fleet Feet South Loop which is perfect for me.

  2. Sounds like you had a great week. Week 1 just started for me. I’ve been to Bikram Yoga River North before (a longtime ago) when they had this free class during the week. I miss Bikram yoga and may incorporate it into my cross-training program for marathon training.

      • Hey, thanks. I just posted a recap of my week 1 training. Feel free to take a read at – I do my long runs on Saturday mornings by the lakefront path. Where do you do yours? My Nike groups meets really early at Nike Training Club on Michigan Ave. then we go on our run. Maybe I’ll seeya out there sometime, amongst the thousands of runners….haha.

  3. I love my Bikram yoga classes, but paying for parking every time would detour me too. I hope you fins a better yoga place.

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