Hard to believe another week of marathon training just went by.  I know that during the school year the days just fly by but it seems like they go even faster during the summer.  Oh, and another month went by and we are halfway through the year.  Here is my update for my training.

Week #3, June 23-29
Monday: 6 mile run: 2 miles easy, 2 miles @9:42 pace, 2 miles easy
I did not feel good on Monday so ran instead on Tuesday.  Did 2 miles @10:32, 2 miles @9:43, then 2 miles @10:32.

Tuesday: Rest/Stretch

Wednesday:  Run 45 mins @ 10:45 pace
Did not run.  Now I cannot remember why and I did not even write it in Google calendar for Coach Sara.

Thursday:  1 mile WU, 3 x 1600m @10:03 (1 min RI), 1 mile CD
Tough workout.  Ran 1 mile WU @10:42, 2 miles (nonstop) alternating every .5 miles between 9:52 and 10:12, 2 mins RI after 2 miles, 1 mile (nonstop) @ 9:52, 1 mile CD @10:42.  I know it wasn’t exactly what Coach asked me to do but I think I did good.

Friday: 45 minutes cross-train
Just took a break today.

Saturday:  7 miles @ 11:00 pace
7 miles @11:04.  Good overall but for some reason struggled the last mile.  I must have stopped like 4 times in that mile.  

Sunday: Rest/Stretch
Slept in and that felt good.


  • Not running related but can’t believe Mexico lost in yesterday’s game.  Oh well, USA still has a chance so I look forward to the game tomorrow.

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  1. The Mexico loss is devastating. I’m not a big soccer fan but even to me, that felt awful. Good luck at the Elmhurst 4 on the 4th! I’ve heard it’s a really fun race.

    Btw – I reached out to the folks at Mousekeplanners (per your recommendation) this morning about travel plans for Wine and Dine. Preliminarily, I am eyeing staying at one of the Port Orleans resorts, but am also considering the All-Star resorts. TBD. Keep me posted on your plans, too!

    • Oh yay for reaching out to her. She is awesome! I have yet to make my airline and hotel reservation. Still looking for someone to share room with because i want to stay on property but don’t want to pay for the whole room charge by myself.

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