*Week #7, July 21-27

Monday: 1 mile WU, 7 x 200 @8:20 (400 RI), 1 mile CD
The plan was to run after my massage.  But I did not feel good afterwards.  My body ached and not the way that you get from a workout.  I went home to rest and then got up to go shopping with my mother.  I told her I did not feel good, she touched my forehead, and told me I had a fever.  When we got home I took some medicine and a nap.  Then I took more medicine before I went to sleep that night.  I felt so much better the following day.

Tuesday: 45 Min XTrain or Power Yoga
I did the 200s from Monday.  WU @10:32 and 200s @8:18.  I felt really good but got tired on the 6th and 7th interval.  I still like them a lot and told Coach Sara to give me more of those.

Wednesday:  45 mins @ 10:45 pace
Ran 4.18 miles @10:46 with negative splits.  Personally I don’t really care for this run.  It is supposed to be easy/fun but I don’t enjoy it.  I have to find a way to make it more enjoyable.  Usually I run by my house or around the airport (though it is really windy there).  I don’t want to run by the lake because I do my long run there.  Excuses, excuses right?

Thursday:  6 mile run: 1 mile WU, 4 miles @9:50 min pace, 1 mile CD
1 mile WU @10:32 but did not finish run.  Struggled to stay on pace and calves were bothering me. Only ran 2.55 miles.  I was not happy with myself.

Friday: Rest/Stretch

Saturday:  14 miles @ 11:00 min pace
It was a great morning for a run.  Temperature was in the low 60s and overcast.  I was in bed by 9pm on Friday so I got plenty of sleep.  My run was going pretty good until mile 9. Well, at least it wasn’t mile 6 like last weekend.  I had every intention to do 14 miles but just could not take it anymore.  I took several walking breaks but then had these negative thoughts in my head and once they were there, there was no way getting them out.  I asked myself why I was doing this.  I reminded myself that I enjoy half marathons so why was I running more than 13.1 miles.  I stopped to sit down and sent a text to a friend telling her that I was no longer planning to run the marathon and if her husband wanted my bib.  Nope.  Her husband is injured.  I sent another text to a friend complaining about my long run.  She understood because she went through the same thing last year.  I walked back to where I met my running group and decided that I was not going to run the marathon anymore.  I also sent a text to my coach and she gave me positive feedback and encouragement.  I did feel better afterwards but still not 100% sure about running the marathon.  Then I got home, showered, ate, and felt better. Oh, but this post really did it for me.  I guess I needed to read that.  So, I will just be happy that I am not injured and have the chance to run 26.2 miles in October.

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Sunday: Rest/Stretch
I took a yoga class at CorePower Yoga.  Great class and felt good afterwards.

*Runs on treadmill are done on 1% incline.


  • I need to work on hydrating better.  I run with a water belt during my long runs but have noticed that I drink a lot of water.  Lately I’ve been trying to drink more water during the day since I am at home and have access to a bathroom (very important).
  • Here are some great tips from my awesome coach for running in hot weather.ZoomaMML-CHI-logo
  • This Saturday is the ZOOMA Chicago Half Marathon.  I am so excited and looking forward to it. You can still register for the half marathon or 10K.  Make sure to use code CAMB8 for a discount.  It is supposed to rain.  Hmm, not sure how I feel about that.  But at least we can sing, run, and have fun in the rain.


14 Comments on Chicago Marathon Training Week 7

  1. I’m glad I could provide some inspiration! I remember feeling really burned out when I was training for the marathon in 2012. It happens.

  2. Noooo, get rid of that rain! I can handle bits and pieces after I’ve started by downright downpours make me feel like crud lol You can do this Chicago Marathon,,,positive mental attitude!!

  3. We all have bad days, ALL OF US! I’m glad reading Maggie’s post helped give you some perspective. You have already completed 2 ultra marathons – I know you can do this! October 12 is going to be an amazing day. Can’t wait to be there to cheer you on! 🙂

    • I think sometimes we just need that “something” to open up our eyes. You are right about the ultras. Oh, and I’ve done 6 other marathons so I have done this before. Not sure what was my problem. 😉

  4. Hang in there! I’m starting to go through a little bit of training burnout as well. My “easy” runs have felt a bit tough. I think I wore myself out with the races. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

  5. Girl, I am right there with you! Whenever I do my long runs, I’m like, “Why am I signed up for the marathon?”!!! But, we can totally do this! AND…if you need a running buddy, let me know! This will be my first marathon and I think we’re at a similar pace. See you this weekend!

    • Thanks Meghan. I did not know this is your first marathon. Hopefully my complaining won’t get to you or bother you too much. 🙂 I run along the lakefront but am willing to meet up with you for a change of scenery. Where do you run?

      Yes, see you this weekend! I am planning to just have fun on Saturday.

  6. Congratulations on making it through another week of training! From my experience when training for Chicago two years ago, it was around this time that the training started to weigh down on me. Way to push through!

    See you at ZOOMA this Saturday. Can’t wait!!!

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