On Saturday I ran the Disneyland 10k as part of the Dumbo Double Dare.  It is a 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.

If you’ve ran a Disney race before then you know that it means a very early wake up call.  The race started at 5:30am and I was up at 4.  I got dressed, drank coffee (terrible coffee from the hotel), and made my way over to the race with Jaime.  It took us about 20 minutes from the hotel to the start line. I like running at Disneyland because it is an easy walk to the race.

Great weather for running.  There were so many people and I enjoyed looking at everyone’s costume.



I was in Corral B and couldn’t get a good view of the announcers nor Stitch.  This race was all about Stitch.  Time to run!  My only goal was to have fun and finish.



The first 2 miles were outside of the parks.  Then it was back to the parks which I actually enjoyed.




Every mile marker had a picture of Stitch.


Jaime and I with our medals.


I am not crazy about the meal.  It looks like a very scary Stitch.  Or a lobster.


Great race!  I love running through both parks.  Plus, it was beautiful seeing them while it was still dark.  I don’t remember seeing many Disney characters but I don’t usually stop for a photo with them.  It was well organized and well coordinated even while trying to exit the park while walking through Downtown Disney (the runners were still passing through there).

At the finish line I got a snack box, bottle of water, bottle of Powerade, and a banana.  Not much but it is the same thing from my other Disney races.

Next race: Disneyland Half Marathon

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