*January 5-11, 2015


  • PLAN- Cross-train
  • ACTUAL- Nada, but does walking count?

Back to work and no motivation to get on the elliptical.


  • PLAN- 3×1600 @9:29 (400 RI)
  • ACTUAL- I did run 3 miles but at 9:34 pace.  However, I was not able to run them consistent and so I had to stop every quarter mile.  Not my finest moment but still felt great after my run.

I was tired and it showed because I could not run one mile without stopping.  Or perhaps the pace was too fast for me?  I was happy that I was able to run 400s even if that wasn’t in the plan.  Definitely counts as speedwork.


  • PLAN- Rest day
  • ACTUAL- Rest day

No school due to weather.  My evening class was not cancelled.


  • PLAN- 2 miles easy, 2 miles @10:02, 2 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- Did not run at all.

Still no school so I stayed home.  I had planned to go to the gym after lunch but once I saw the snow, I decided to skip it and not worry about it.  I finished watching the last season of “Veronica Mars”.


  • PLAN- Cross training
  • ACTUAL- None

Met a friend for dinner.  Had a great time and enjoyed my two apple martinis.


  • PLAN- 8 miles @11:45
  • ACTUAL- I did 6:54 miles alternating between 11:44 and 11:18 with a few walking breaks.

Oh boy, I guess the martinis on Friday night were a bad idea.  I finally made it to the gym at 3pm and could not keep up with the pace.  I usually enjoy running on the treadmill but for some reason I was not liking it on Saturday.  I watched a few episodes of “Hot in Cleveland” and that did not help at all.  I finally stopped with 6:54 miles.


  • PLAN- Rest day
  • ACTUAL- Rest day

*Runs on treadmill are done on 1% incline.


  • A rough first week into the new year.  Definitely not my finest moment.  I need to work on being consistent with my runs and cross training.
  • Hydrations is key.  Must remember that every single day.  Even though I was home for two days, I did not drink water like I was supposed to.

2 Comments on Weekly Recap #1

  1. It was a very tough week to get motivated, with all those sub-zero temps. It was challenging to function, let alone work out! Next week will be better.

    Couldn’t agree with you more on hydration. I get so busy that I forget about staying hydrated. I actually have a tough time sometimes drinking a lot of plain water. I’ve had some success with adding a little bit of lemon juice – it makes the water go down more easily for me!

    • That makes sense about the water. I tend to drink more water when I am home from work. Having a bathroom close by definitely helps too. 🙂 It is just a habit/routine but when I don’t work then that confuses my body. So weird.

Thank you for your comment!