*February 9-15, 2015


  • PLAN- 3 miles @easy, conversational pace with 5 strides at the end of the run plus 30 minutes of cross training
  • ACTUAL- 3 miles @10:55

Great workout with 3 miles followed by 5 strides at the end for total 3.44 miles @average pace of 10:41.  Then 30 minutes on the bike.


  • PLAN-5 miles @easy, conversational pace with 6 X 2 minutes fartleks with 2 minutes recovery
  • ACTUAL-2.5 miles@10:55, 6 fartleks, 2.5 miles @various paces

Another great workout today.  2.5 miles @10:55.  3 x 2 minutes fartleks @8:32 but that pace was still hard to keep up so I did 2 more @8:39.  The last fartlek I was determined to do @8:32 but only managed 1 minute and 30 seconds.  I walked the last 30 seconds.  I did not want to run the last 2.5 miles but after going back and forth with my coach, she actually convinced me to complete my run.  I set a timer for 2 minutes followed by 1 minute and then alternated with paces of 11:44, 11:18, and 10:55.  Finally finished 6.92 miles @average pace of 11:25.  Below is the text conversation I had with my coach.




  • PLAN- Rest day
  • ACTUAL- Rest day


  • PLAN- 1/2 mile warm up, 1/2 mile @10:30, 1/2 mile @10:00, 1/2 mile cool down.  
  • ACTUAL- 2 miles done @various paces

Loved this workout!  1/2 mile @10:55, 1/2 mile @10:32, 1/2 mile @9:52, 1/2 mile @10:55.  Total 2 miles @average 10:45.


  • PLAN- Rest day
  • ACTUAL- Rest day


  • PLAN- 8 miles @11:30  +/- 10-15 seconds with 8 strides at the end of the run
  • ACTUAL- Did not run.


  • PLAN- Rest day
  • ACTUAL- Ran 8 miles.

I did not run on Saturday but instead did so on Sunday.  I slept in till 8:30 yesterday and it felt really good.  I then got really lazy and came up with every excuse not to make it to the gym. Obviously I was not proud of my decision but I was not motivated.


Fast forward a few hours later and I met a friend to watch “50 Shades of Grey”.  I did like the movie and am not sure why people are complaining about it.

So today I made my way to the gym.  I watched a few episodes of “Parenthood”.  Man, that show is really good.  Total is 8 miles @average pace 12:14.  Definitely slower than I wanted to but I know that soon I will see progress (faster times).  I guess I must have been so glad to step off the treadmill that I forgot to do the strides.

*Runs on treadmill are done on 1% incline.


  • I am tired of this cold weather.  I know I shouldn’t complain about it because at least we are not getting storm after storm like the east coast.
  • I know once summer is here and it is really hot I will be complaining about the weather too.
  • No school tomorrow.  Time to relax.  I also have an appointment for a 6 months follow-up mammogram/ultrasound.  Hopefully I’ll get good news.
  • I have two cross training workouts (Monday and Thursday).  Have I mentioned how much I dislike the elliptical?

Elliptical or treadmill?

6 Comments on Weekly Recap #6

  1. That mental barrier can be the hardest thing about running. It never goes away either. You just have to remember you’ve done it before and you can do it again. Your body is tougher than your mind.

    • Yep, so true. The mind likes to play games with me. I must remember to not let it win. I look at Timehop for this past Saturday and I ran 16 miles on the treadmill last year.

  2. I am surprised people are complaining about 50 Shades, too. It was just like the book – slow, repetitive, and awkward! The actors nailed it! LOL.

  3. Loved the text conversation you had with your coach! It was actually very motivating for me to consider things from the perspective of “this is part of your mental training, you have to run when you don’t want to run.” Are you working with Coach Sara again this year?

    • Now that I read that conversation it makes me laugh. But at that moment I was annoyed but sort of glad that she encouraged me. No longer working with her but with a friend I met two years ago.

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