Today was day 2 of the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle Expo.  I had to be there at 8:30am because I signed up to be a volunteer.

ShamrockShuffleExpo6I was supposed to distribute the t-shirts.  I did my 5 minutes of training but then was moved to the t-shirt exchange area.  No big deal.  It was pretty cool to see the area without the crowd.




The first hour or so was slow.   There was a crowd at the expo but not too many people were exchanging their shirts.  It got busy by 11am and even more busy by noon.

I actually like the shirt.  Hopefully this year’s Chicago Marathon shirt is just as nice and not an ugly black one like last year’s.


I saw the cute Emily and of course we had to take a picture.  I also met the lovely Charlyn.  We talked and joked around about the weather.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Emily and I have had enough with rainy races.  We both ran the Chinatown 5k and Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon last year and it was just crazy with all of the rain.  Plus, she ran the RnR DC Half Marathon two weeks ago and it rained there too.

Phot credit: Emily Seto

My shift was over a little at 12 so I set out to pick up my own bib and shirt and check out the expo.  It was not a big expo but just enough to go home with some good stuff.

I checked out the booth for the Run for ALS 5k taking place in July.  I’ve run this race twice and plan to run it this year.


I saw the medals for the Women Rock Chicago in September.  Cute right?  They will have the Rock Starlet Challenge which is a 2.5K, 5K, and/or 10K/13.1 miles.  Would love to do it!


I picked up a cute Sweaty Bands headband promoting The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s Half Marathon and 5k.  I ran this race in 2012 and it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!  I missed it in 2013 because I was in Seattle for a half marathon on Saturday and got in late Saturday night (the race was Sunday morning).  Last year I was in CA for the Dumbo Double Dare.  This year I am planning to be in Chicago.  Plus, I want to meet Lauren Fleshman!


The Shamrock Shuffle is my first race this year.  I am excited and nervous about it.  Don’t know why but I always get nervous before a race.

Now off to pick out my outfit for tomorrow.

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  1. Shirt is so much better than last year’s shirt!!! Sad I’m not running since the shirt is awesome and there is a medal… but I needed a 20 miler tomorrow… so there was no way I was going to do 5 and then have to find 15 more 🙁

  2. It was so great to see you at the expo and this morning pre-race!!! How did I not see the medal display for the Women Rock Half? Those medals are gorgeous!!!

    I always get nervous before races, too. ALWAYS. Even if I’m just running it for fun, I still am a bundle of nerves, no matter what. So I totally understand!

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