1.  I got my glasses on Tuesday.  I can see, I can see!!  I got the top ones.  My kids are cute.  They told me I look beautiful.

2.  I had a great run on Saturday morning.  But then it wasn’t so great on Monday nor on Tuesday.  I told my coach about it and she reminded me that there will be good runs and bad runs.  We all have them.  It is weird how a pace I was able to run for 15 minutes last week, I could not do 5 minutes this week.


3.  I picked up my mother at the airport yesterday.  She is like a bird.  She travels south to Mexico for the winter and comes back north when it is warm.


Her flight got in at 6:05 pm.  An hour later she calls me.  Apparently there were so many people waiting to get through immigration and customs and she had no idea how much longer she would have to be there.  I am glad she was able to borrow someone’s phone to call me but I wish the airlines would update people about the situation.  I was at the airport from 6pm-10pm.

FridayRandomness2 FridayRandomness3

4.  The Boston Marathon is on Monday.  I am so excited and can’t wait to watch it.  It is definitely my goal to one day qualify for it.  I have a long way to go but I am determined to work hard to one day run that prestigious race.

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5. My next race is tomorrow-Live Grit 10 Mile.  My PR is 1:43:49 from 3 years ago.  You bet I want to get a PR tomorrow.  Emily and I are planning to run tomorrow morning.  She is faster than me so I am hoping she will help me stay on pace and get a PR.

6.  In December I (with two other friends) signed up to run 2,015 miles in 2015.  As of March 31, we’ve run 411.19 miles and need 1,603.81 to meet our goal.  That means we each have to run 534 miles until December.  Very realistic right?


When is your next race?  Do you have a goal to run a specific number of miles this year?

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  1. Yep, we all have a bad run every once in awhile. Just stay positive! Good luck tomorrow!

    • Yes, I wore glasses and contacts for a number of years. I had lasik surgery about 8 years ago and loved the convenience of not having to deal with contacts. I knew eventually I would need glasses again so here I am.

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