1. The hunt for the “perfect” running shoes is back on.  The Asics Cumulus are not working out for me.  I went to Fleet Feet to try the Brooks Ghost 7.  Oh, they’re so comfortable.  I knew I had to get them but could not decide on a color.  Yes, I am one that has to pick a cool color.  I decided on a pair (see below) but then when I got home I changed my mind so I ordered a different pair.  The second pair looks nicer right?



2. I am keeping up (I’ve missed a day or two) with the Kettlebell Swing Challenge but it is getting tough.


3. Tomorrow is the IL Marathon .  I am runner number 1 and my leg is 6.7 miles.  I met with the rest of my team on Sunday to go over logistics, nail down on what to wear, and just to hang out and talk.  I also gave two of them (one of the girls was in CA) a bag with a pepper spray, two Hammer gels, and a packet of Justin’s Hazelnut Butter.  We’re all very excited and cannot wait.



4.  I love getting pictures/drawings from my students.  Translation: Teacher, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had.  Sometimes they also give me candy and chocolates.


5.  Tuesday afternoon was the deadline for me to register for the Chicago Marathon.  Now begins the training before the training for the marathon.  πŸ™‚

6. These ads were an eye opener for me.  I’ve drank Nuun (I am obsessed with the Kona Kola flavor) but now after seeing the comparison with Hammer Nutrition’s Electrolytes Fizz Tablets, I don’t think I will drink it again.

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How are you doing in the Kettlebell Swing Challenge?  What do you drink when you run, bike, exercise?

12 Comments on Friday Randomness – April 24, 2015

  1. Bummer that the Gel Cumuluses are not working out for you! But I’ve seen a lot of those kaleidoscope Brooks shoes and they are fabulous. I hope they are a better fit for you!!!

    Good luck at the Illinois Marathon relay tomorrow!!! Illinois is my alma mater so I wish I could be there this weekend, too!!!

    • Thanks for the good luck wishes. It was a fun relay race but it has to be cancelled due to the weather. Our team members decided to keep going and we go to finish it. A friend of mine was running the marathon and she had to stop around mile 19.

  2. How was the race for you?! I did the 5k on Friday and the 10k on Saturday.. the rain sucked but I just put on my visor and got thru it! I would have just cried if I couldn’t have finished the marathon πŸ™

    • I did the first leg (6.7 miles). My teammates got the worst because by then it was raining and then eventually cancelled. They kept going and we finished around 4:29.

  3. I can’t believe the race was cancelled. I’m really glad you did the first leg and hope you still had fun!

    • I did have fun. I am also glad I did the first leg. I felt bad for the girls running the last two legs because the rain was coming down harder. We still got to cross the finish line which was incredible because the girls did not give up.

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