I know I am really late with this post.  Honestly, I did not want to write about it because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the race.  I know, weird.  Anyway, here it goes.  Better late than never right?

I ran this race because of the Chicago Marathon Incentive Program.  I guess I had no choice.  🙂  I was really worried about it because I knew that it was tough and challenging course.  And hilly. Boy, it was definitely all of those three things.

The weather on race day was perfect!  To me it means not cold nor sunny.  That is how I like it.  I was afraid it would rain but it stayed away, but instead got hit with humidity.  Not sure what I would have preferred?


Start line and I am ready to go.

No problems at the start but half a mile later there was this steep hill that I swear is about a quarter mile long.  I was told I would go up this hill 2 more times.


Let’s just say there were so many ups and downs at this race.  It was a pretty course because we ran through some nice areas.  There were definitely some beautiful houses!



Halfway done.  So happy to see this sign.


Made it to the top of the hill again.  Could not wait to be done.


Almost done.  I was even more happy to see this sign.


Cool entertainment after walking up a small hill.


Not cool that the streets were not completely closed off for the race.  It is dangerous.  I was constantly looking back to see if there were cars behind me.  I did not have headphones on but sometimes when I run I get into a zone and don’t pay too much attention to what is around me. I know, not cool either.


Finally done!  There was a downhill and then flat out straight to the finish line.  Another runner friend told me that would be the best part.  Yes it was because I was finally done.

No medals were given to the runners but I enjoyed the “all you can eat pizza and drink beer”. Don’t know if it was really true but I went back for more pizza and no one said anything to me. As for the beer, no coupon was needed to get your cup so yes to me it is all you can drink.


It is a tough course if you like hills.  I don’t.  But I am glad I did this race and experienced something different from the always flat pavement I am used to in Chicago.  There was no lakefront view but there were some pretty areas along the course.  On the way to the race I got lost (thanks to Google Map) but stopped at a gas station and a nice man told me how to get there.  I found free parking about 10 minutes from the start line.  The best part is that there is race day packet pickup.  Now, if only they would give medals since it is a challenging course.

The shirt is OK.

Tell me about your most challenging and difficult race.

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