1.  On Monday I went to a live taping of Windy City Live.  There were no prizes/gifts for audience members but it was still fun to be there.  We heard from Brian Grazer, watched a performance by Muntu Dance Theatre, and listened to a discussion lead by Dr. E. Patrick Johnson on the NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezal.



2. This past weekend I got a kitten.  Her name is Lola and she is very playful and FUNNY!  I will post pictures of her (not too many) on the blog and on Instagram.  I hope you don’t unfollow me.  For now here are a few.

3. I love coffee.  But I also love flavored coffee creamer.  I’ve been loving this Mexican chocolate style.  Delicious.  Try it.  You will not be disappointed.


4. Just the other day I found my Birkenstocks in the back of my car.  I think they’ve been there since last summer.  Ha, definitely ugly shoes but very comfortable.  I remember one time I was in NY and walked for a couple of hours in them and my feet did not hurt one bit.  Will definitely be wearing them this summer.


5.  This afternoon my nephew and I did a Slice of Chicago Pizza Tour.  We are both HUGE fans of Home Run Inn but wanted to try something different.  We had pizza from Pizzeria Uno, Quartino, and Giordano’s.  I must have read incorrectly the description because I could have sworn it said that we were supposed to go to 5-6 different pizza places.  Overall, it was fun to make a trip downtown (even though it was very windy and kind of cold) and have a few slices from two places we’ve never been to, Quartino and Pizzeria Uno.  The verdict?  Pizzeria Uno is the best one.

Are you a fan of pizza?  Favorite pizza place?  What is your favorite topping(s)?

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  1. I love Windy City Live – that’s awesome you went to a taping. Are the tickets free?

Thank you for your comment!