Last week on Friday I went to the expo to pick up my bib for the Chicago Marathon.  I bought more stuff than I should have.  But it is OK because most of the stuff I needed anyway.  🙂

I love the stairs right before going into the expo.

Come on in!  I do not know who the people are in the right photo.  I just wanted to take it because it shows the World Marathon Majors: Chicago, Boston, Tokyo, Berlin, New York City, and London.

I’ve run the Little Rock Half Marathon and would love to run the marathon just for the medal.  Look at the size of it!!

I saw Joan Benoit Samuelson.


I’ve heard great things about Gasparilla which has races of various race distances–13.1, 15k, 8k, and 5k.  For those that like a challenge, there are 3 that include running the 15k on Saturday and 8k on Sunday (Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus Challenge); running the 15k & 5k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday (Michelob Ultra Amber Challenge); or running the 15k & 5k on Saturday and the half marathon and 5k on Sunday (Michelob Ultra Challenge).


I love the color of the Newton Kismet.  I also tried on the Fate (not pictured) and I think those are the ones I will get to train for my half marathon in February.


Just felt like taking pictures of these because I really like them and got me pumped up for the race on Sunday.

I thought this was cute too.


None other than Hal Higdon and Bart Yasso.

Everything that I bought.


Love the shirt color.  For sure I will be keeping this one.


What is the most you’ve spent at a race expo?  Are you currently training for a race?

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    • I bought 4. I think it is time for me to throw away my stinky ones and donate the ones I don’t like/wear anymore. So now that marathon training is over, let’s plan to meet for dinner/drinks.

  1. It was an awesome expo…I picked up a race visor, hat, and another long sleeve shirt – we had fun checking out the various race booths as well…that Little Rock bling was insane!!

  2. I usually try to run through the expo, since I pay for 3/4 hour of street parking and don’t have much extra time. But this year I did end up buying a Nike Chicago Marathon running cap and still made it back to the car with 5 minutes to spare!

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