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I will confess that I rarely keep any of my race shirts.  The year I ran 14 RnR half marathons, I got 14 shirts but did not keep any of them.  They were all nice shirts (Brooks) but really what was I supposed to do with 14 shirts?  There has been one or two races in which I had the option of not receiving the race shirt in exchange for a few dollars off my registration fee.

However, I have kept a couple of them mainly because of the materials and the color/cut.

  1.  Route 66 Half Marathon


2.  Princeton Half Marathon >>My favorite one.


3. Des Moines Half Marathon


I like the shirts from the Bank of America races (Nike brand) but do not keep them either.  Not sure why since I do like the cut.  But I prefer the finisher’s shirt I bought at the outlet store.  It was about $16 three weeks after the marathon. 

Now what3

The “ugliest” looking shirt is this one.  I mean, seriously?

I did keep my Run Disney long sleeve shirts but only because I wear them at night when I go to sleep.  That extra layer keeps me warm throughout the cold Chicago winters.

I know some runners have had quilts made from their race shirts and I kind of regret not saving mine.  Seeing hers made me want to have one for me so you bet I will start saving my shirts. Pretty cool right?  This one is from Kimberly who blogs at KookyRunner.

Do you keep your race shirts?  For you or to make a quilt as well?

22 Comments on Race shirts: Favorites and the ones we love to hate

  1. I love the shirts from RnR…I love wearing them when I run, I couldn’t imagine giving them away because they’re such high quality. But yeah, that one shirt…that is pretty ugly, lol!

  2. I do keep all my shirts…not totally sure why, I don’t need them all but I certainly have a few favorites, Chicago 2015, Eugene 2014 and my RnR collection. Yikes on that one shirt you showed though, wow! Great idea for an article!

  3. You are the second person to all out that Quarryman shirt. Yikes. I admire that you just get rid of them. I’ve got way too many I’ll never wear taking up valuable space. The quilt idea is cool. Thanks for linking up!

    • I just did not know what else to do with them and they were taking up space in my room. I am going to start over and hopefully collect enough for a quilt. I have a feeling that things will go well for me running wise. 😀

  4. I have that Route 66 shirt! It is so soft and I’m glad it’s a flattering women’s cut. I used 64 T-shirts for my first quilt. I will eventually make a quilt out of half marathon T-shirts only. Yes, that is one UGLY shirt!

  5. I can’t believe you just got rid of your shirts lol! I too am saving up to have a quilt made. I started already putting them aside! I mean we should get something great out of all these shirts right? I’m glad you posted pictures of the process!

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