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Medals, medals, and more medals.  Normally I do not run a race just for the medal but it is definitely nice to get one.  But I am OK with not getting one.

My favorite series of medals are from the RnR Marathon Series (total of 22 medals) and the Run Disney races (total 14 races). 



How can you NOT like this one?

One of my favorites!


One day I will run this race just for the medal.  Why not?


This one is as big as my face!


Disappointed with this one.  I mean, I just ran 31 miles (50k) so a bigger medal would have been nice. Right? However, it hasn’t stopped me from running this race.  So far I’ve run it twice.

My first half marathon medal from August 2006.


My first Chicago Marathon medal from October 2006.


Do you run a race just for the medal?  Or are you OK with no medal?

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  1. Holy cow! You’ve got a fantastic collection! There was no medal or shirt for my first half so I’ve got nada. I wish I had something to remember that race by. Looks like you started in distance the year before I did (2007). I think my Chi Marathon medal was the last one in the LaSalle green before it changed to BOA RWB.

  2. OMG, look at all of your gorgeous bling! The RnR and Disney medals are my own favorites, and you’ve got enough of them to cover an entire wall! I used to not care about getting medals, but once I started amassing them I became fixated on growing the collection. It’s kind of like a momentum thing, LOL. These days I select races based on the quality of the medal!

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