I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.

I am very picky about my anti-perspirant.  What do I look for in a brand?  Well, basically to keep me dry, have a nice fragrance, and does not leave me with wet and sticky arms.  Not too much to ask for right?  I am a big fan of a solid anti-perspirant and have used Secret, Dove, Lady Speed Stick, Mitchum, Ban, Degree, Suave.  I am sure I’ve left off a few brands but for now that is what I remember.  I dislike gels, roll-ons and sprays because they always leave me with wet underarms.  Thanks to Influenster I received a bottle of Dove Dry Spray. 


At first I was skeptical because most sprays tend to take a while to dry hence leaving me with wet underarms. I’ve used this bottle several times after my TRX workout and will say that I like it.  The instructions are pretty clear as you can see below.  

The bottle states to “Make sure to keep it away from face and mouth to avoid breathing it.” However, I don’t see how that is possible because you need to hold it 6 inches from your underarm and you will definitely get some in your mouth.  Fortunately I like the scent but still I do not want to breathe in all of that.

Once I applied it, my underarms were not sticky nor wet.  It was definitely a dry and smooth feeling and I like it!  Did it keep me dry?  Absolutely!  I am in a classroom for 6 hours and throughout the day get hot and then cold.  My underarms were dry and still had a nice clean smell (yes, I did check).  The bottle states that the spray protects for up to 48 hours.  I do not know if that is accurate because I shower every day and honestly I don’t want to go a day without anti-perspirant.  I do sweat A LOT.  I love that there is no white residue on my clothes.


I leave the bottle in my gym to share with others.  Plus, one can lasts up to 8 weeks!!



The price isn’t too bad either.  I found it for $5.40 at Target and $5.30 at Amazon.

So are you a spray, solid, roll-on or gel type of person?  What is your brand choice of anti-perspirant?

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