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Chicago Marathon training is here!  I am excited (and nervous) to be training using the Hansons Marathon Method.  In a nutshell, this training is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue. You train your body to run often so that you are frequently running on tired legs.  The idea is to run this way so that during the last miles of a race you are prepared to push through the final miles. These plans are 18 weeks and have you running 6 days (easy, speed/strength, tempo, and long runs) a week with one rest day. 

Week #12, August 22-28


  • PLAN – 6 easy @10:52-12:16 pace
  • ACTUAL – Total 6.02 miles @10:44 average pace

First day back at work.  To say that I was tired is an understatement…no kids yet just a day full of fun meetings.  Obviously I wanted to skip this run but made myself go (after a short nap).  I had so much energy and ran faster than I should have. 



  • PLAN – 4×1.5 miles @10:08 pace (with 1 mile w/up and c/d and 400 recovery) 
  • ACTUAL – Total 10 @10:55 average pace

Another day full of meetings.  Gosh, those are more tiring than a run!  W/up and c/d @11:07.  Recovery @13.02.  I alternated a different song with paces of 10:10 and 10:00.  Tired afterwards but felt great throughout my run.  Legs were sore from TRX in the morning.



  • PLAN – OFF


  • PLAN – 9 tempo @10:18 pace (with 1 mile w/up and c/d)
  • ACTUAL – Did not run.

First day with the kids.  It was HECTIC and I was not prepared.  I did the best I could and saw many happy faces.  Some told me already that I was their favorite teacher.  I have a good group of kids. They’re well behaved and excited to come to school and learn.





  • PLAN – 6 easy @10:52-12:16 pace
  • ACTUAL – 6 miles @12:00 average pace

I was still sore and tired from Thursday.  I went to the gym in the morning because I did not want to run after school.  I alternated a different song with paces of 12:15, 12:00, and 11:46.  

I saw this gorgeous sunrise after I picked up coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.



  • PLAN – 10 easy @10:52-12:16 pace
  • ACTUAL – 10.02 miles @12:58 average pace

I decided not to run with CES because they were running 16 miles.  Instead, I ran with my friend, Claudia.  She runs with a different group and they were meeting at 5am and that meant a 4am wake up call.  Oh well.  It had to be done.  I did not know it was raining and was NOT looking forward to running in the rain.  However, it did not rain as bad as last week and it was actually run.  We took our time and we enjoyed it.  I was hoping to see the sunrise but it was very foggy and cloudy.  


After our run we went to The Original Pancake House for a well deserved breakfast.



  • PLAN – 10 easy @10:52-12:16 pace
  • ACTUAL – 9.02 miles @12:34 average pace

Another 4am wake up call to run this morning.  Luckily it did not rain but it was humid.  It was close to 80 degrees and 85% humidity.  I took it slow and felt great throughout my run.  I was pleased to see the sunrise and it was gorgeous.  However, I ran 9 miles instead of 10.  Next week we have 16 miles on our schedule and I might start earlier.  But it all depends on how warm it will be that day.

Week 12 went well.  I was very tired and missed two runs.  I am very pleased with my strength run on Tuesday.  Next week I have 3×2 mile repeats and a 9 tempo run.

Total mileage for the week: 41.06 miles

Total mileage for this training cycle: 475.40 miles

Total mileage for the year: 958.46 miles

Here’s how training has gone so far:

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  1. Sounds busy, I’m not sure I would like the Hansons method although I’ve heard of it before. Beautiful pictures! Good luck!

  2. I don’t transition well at all. So, I can’t imagine how hard the first week back to school for a teacher would be! KUDOS to you for running any miles at all. 🙂 In my eyes, you had an incredible week. You caught some amazing sunrises too. Those help make it all worthwhile. Thanks for linking, Zenaida!

  3. First week of school is a busy time for teachers but you still got most of your planned miles in! Plus I think Hanson’s is a tough training plan with the requirement of running 6x/week. The most I’ve ran in a week was 5x and that was several years ago when I trained for Boston. Chicago should be a fun marathon – I aim to run it next year.

    • Yes, it is tough. I am struggling right now but I guess I still have it easier than different hose parents that work and still have to go home and take care of their kids. I just have to take care of a cat. 🙂

  4. Great work! I am sure the first few weeks of school are an adjustment for teachers, but you’ll be back into the swing of things in no time. I am often up at 4AM, and even though I hate it, I’m never sorry when I’m done.

  5. Super job on your training this week lady! I bet you were glad to get your Friday morning over with and out of the way, huh? I just thought I got up early on Saturdays, with a 4am alarm girl you got me beat! Hats off to you for digging deep and getting it done, plus pancakes afterward are so good!
    Do you think you miss your sleep on the weekends or does it keep you in a good routine? I may have a post later on this, I’d love your input!

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