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Hoping everyone had a good week!


I got my results from my MRI on Tuesday and it turns out I have a grade 1 muscle strain in my left calf muscle.  If you see the image below, you’ll get an idea of what it is and the seriousness as compared to the others.  It isn’t as serious as Grade 2 or 3 but yet enough that it painful and I cannot run.  I knew that from that Monday evening when I was out running and felt something pull in my calf.


I’ve been icing my calf and wearing compression socks mostly everyday.  I walk with a limp and going up and down the stairs isn’t too horrible.  I just take it easy when doing that task.

I have an appointment with my chiropractor (he also deals with running injuries) and a sports doctor in 3 weeks.  I cannot wait 3 weeks and am hoping someone cancels so I can go sooner or I may have to find another doctor.

I will be honest and say that this injury sucks.   Yesterday was a gorgeous day (60 degrees) and you bet I wanted to be out there running a few miles along the lakefront.  


On a positive note I know it will heal quickly and I will be out there running again.  I can still walk and go to work.  I have my days in which I am OK with it but also when I get angry.  Just like every runner there is, I’ve had hip issues, IT band, etc., but never serious enough to not run at all.  Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually?

Well, enough with negative stuff and let’s focus on some positive news.  Monday evening I found out I was selected to be a Nuun ambassador.  I’ve known about Nuun for a couple of years but it was last year that I used it as I trained for my races.


In July I will be on The Great Alaskan Running Cruise and I am excited about it!  I have my plane tickets  to Seattle and to Anchorage and train tickets to Seward.  The cruise leaves from Seward and ends in British Columbia.  There is a half marathon on this cruise so you bet this will count as one of my 50 states+1 goal.



Retail therapy always makes one feel better, right?  I ordered the following Oiselle items.  Aren’t they beautiful?

I am a huge fan of the Long Roga.  They’re my favorite shorts and have them in many colors. They’re now available in a new color, Plum, and I can’t wait to run in them.

Source: Oiselle

My closet is full of Oiselle items and I love that they’re not only for running but also for everyday work.  This is my newest top. Gorgeous!  It’s on sale and I am tempted to also get this in white and in black.


I want to get the newest Brooks Launch 4.  I was a big fan of the 2 but not so much the 3.  And the 4 are supposed to be even better!  


Come on calf injury, heal fast so I can run in them.

How did your week go?  Any running injuries you’ve had?  How long did it take to heal?

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  1. Sorry to hear about your calf injury, but at least it’s only a grade 1. Sending you healing thoughts.

    PS Running is right. You won’t die. 😉

    I’m a little jealous of your Alaskan running cruise. That sounds amazing!

  2. Boo to injuries! Probably the worst injury I’ve had (that actually required “no-running”) was Plantar Faciitis. My heel was in so much pain, I could hardly even stand on it. Luckily (?) for me, I had a big race happening a few weeks later, so I stayed off my foot (and out of my running shoes) for a good 10 days or so…and then did very minimal running prior to race day.

  3. I hate when it takes so long to see a specialist – but at least you know what you’re dealing with for now. Can’t wait to hear about the cruise – sounds fantastic!

    • I know, right? Why does it take so long? Are there that many people injured? I did go to a chiropractor and got a massage. I was told I might be better in about 2-3 weeks. Here is to crossing my fingers that happens and I won’t need that specialist after all.

  4. Sorry to hear about your strain. I guess it could be worse, so just take the time off to fully recover so you can come back strong. . Congrats on being selected for a Nuun Ambassador. I was a Nuun Ambassador for a few years and I did not get anything out of it, I even had to pay for my Nuun so I didn’t continue that.

  5. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few injuries that prevented me from running for a few weeks or longer. But I was always able to do other activities which kept me from going crazy. The Great Alaskan Running Cruise sounds like fun. I’ve actually never heard of that. It’s nice they will have a half marathon in addition to the 5k options. Congrats on the Nuun Ambassadorship. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for linking, Zenaida.

    • Thank you!

      While I do miss running I also miss my routine. Sounds weird but true. I would do my run after work or in the morning and now I have this extra time. 🙂

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry about your calf – the good thing is that you’re diagnosed and now can work towards recovery. I didn’t know running cruises existed, I’ll need to check that out, sounds like so much fun!

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