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It’s been over 4 weeks since my injury.  My calf is better.  I can walk and go up and down the stairs feeling no pain.  I ran 3 miles on Sunday using a run/walk method thanks to the advice of my friend, Marcia.  I felt good but did feel some pain on the inside of my left knee.  The pain stopped when I began to walk and I did not feel any more pain the rest of the run.  

I felt confident enough to seek Marcia’s help and have her work on a plan to get me to Rock ‘n’ Roll DC in March – which is 4 weeks away.  I will admit that when I began training for this race, my goal was to run a sub 2 or at least get a PR.  Things do not go the way we want them to and I had to change my goal.  I changed it to simply finishing the race.  I love DC and was looking forward to run with friends and also meet new ones (Courtney and Elizabeth).

Marcia had me run 3 miles yesterday and to take walking breaks as needed.  I did a few errands after work and then got home to change and set out for my run.  Ugh, I only managed 1 mile.  I felt the same pain in the same leg.  Not good.  I stopped running and walked back home. I have two new and cute Brooks shoes and I was ready to hang them up for good.  Marcia believes in me more than I do.  She is not letting me give up and advised me to try pool running to get me ready for my half marathon next month.


Below is a video that explains pool running.

That is what I will be doing until race day while I rest my calf and knee.  Am I upset?  Well, maybe a little.  I am frustrated.  I do get jealous when I see people’s running pictures on Facebook and Instagram.  OK so maybe I am not all that upset because I do have a giveaway that includes some of my favorite items I use during a run.  The winner will receive a NUUN container (I have various flavors), a Momentum SPARKlet, a pair of Lock Laces, Headsweats Visor, Honey Stinger Organic Chews, and Honey Stinger Strawberry Waffle. 

To enter, click on the image below where you will be directed to Gleam and enter several different ways such as leaving a blog post comment, following me on Instagram, commenting on any of my Instagram posts, or tweeting about the giveaway.


This giveaway will run for seven days (until February 15th at 11:59 pm).  The winner will be selected on the eighth day.   The giveaway is open to US residents only.  The winner will be contacted via the email address associated with their Gleam account and will have 24 hours to claim their prize.  All entries are verified, so please be sure to complete them or a new, random winner will be selected.

Best luck to everyone that enters!

27 Comments on No running and a giveaway

  1. I’m glad that you are able to run a few miles but sad that you had to deal with the injury 🙁 I think your new goal of finishing the race is the smartest goal.

  2. I hope we’ll be able to get you out of the pool before race day so you can acclimate to running on land again. Let’s just give that leg a little more TLC and see if we can make this work.

  3. Oh my! I’m so sorry you can’t run! I broke both my arms a few years back and my doc said I couldn’t do anything for almost two months because they would swell up so bad, so I can feel your pain and frustration! Give it time and you will get back to it!

    The thing I’m looking forward to/dreading in the spring: moving across the U.S. So many changes coming my way. How the heck do people run in humidity?!

    • Thanks. Oh my! I cannot imagine breaking both arms.

      Where are you moving? You are right about the humidity. Chicago isn’t too bad but FL, MS, AL and other Southern states do have it bad.

      • We are moving from Oregon to Louisiana. So it’s going to be a HUGE culture and climate change for us. I’ve never lived where there isn’t snow during the winter. I might melt because of all that crazy heat….

  4. I’m looking forward to warmer temps & some of my favorite Spring 5k &10k races.

  5. I am looking forward to taking my little one to the school. He will turn to 3 year old this year and ready for school 😉
    Thank You

  6. The thing I’m looking for to in Spring is color — green grass and trees, blue skies, and all the colorful flowers! I’m on a little running break right now too. I agree it’s difficult to see what everyone else is up to!

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