As mentioned in this post, I’m attempting to get my own BQ.  I am excited to be training using again the Hansons Method.  In a nutshell, this training is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue.  You train your body to run often so that you are frequently running on tired legs.  The idea is to run this way so that during the last miles of a race you are prepared to push through the final miles.  I purchased a new Hansons Method Marathon Plan and now will be running 5 days (instead of 6) a week. 

Week #12, June 12-18

M Ran 5.02 Miles
T Ran 5.79 Miles
TH Ran 5.02 Miles
S Ran 5.02 Miles
S Did not run

Another great week of running!  The weather here was HOT in Chicago so I did my runs at the gym.  I love my gym!  It is never crowded, smells nice, and is clean.  As part of my new enrollment, I received 4 free personal training sessions.  I met with my trainer last week and we talked about my goals (work on upper body and core).  She also took my measurements.  I met with her again Tuesday and Wednesday and we went over some exercises and machines to help me work on my core and upper body.  I was able to use one of my sessions for a one-on-one swimming lesson which I did on Thursday. My coach was helpful and patient – just what I need.  I am going to sign up for more sessions but those I have to pay on my own.

I will confess that I just recently “discovered” Quest bars.  I mean I’ve heard of them but never had one till Monday.  Wow, they’re delicious but not cheap.

I received my prize from one of Erica’s giveaways.  <<She honestly has the best ones.

I love my new swim cap.  The flip flops are great too.  I wrote about them HERE.

By Friday the weather has cooled enough for me to run outside.  Again, struggled with running at my “easy” pace between 12:22-13:22. 

Total mileage for the week: 20.85 miles
Total mileage for this training cycle:  259.82 miles
Total mileage for the year: 308.01 miles

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap and Courtney for her Training Recap Link Up!

Hoping everyone had a good week!

22 Comments on Road to BQ Week #12

    • It was the extra rest day and the short weekly mileage. The speed workouts are different too (no 400s, 800, 1000, etc). So far I like it.

  1. Great job on your mileage this week. The weather was just horrible this week so I totally understand doing your runs inside – I did the same thing for my weekly runs!

    • Thanks! I also like the treadmill because it keeps me on pace. Plus, each treadmill has a TV and I get to watch “Law and Order”. 🙂

  2. Great job on your mileage this week! I need to look up that training program when I start my next training. I like the logic behind it! The weather here was unbearably hot this week, so I understand running inside. I would love to work with a trainer! I have just never done it, but to get to do it for free would be awesome! I hope you have a great week!

    • Thanks Tara. The Hansons Method is intense but manageable. I like this version more because I get one extra rest day.

    • I’ve had my days in which I’ve struggled during an easy run. But some days I just feel so good and want to run and conquer the world!

      • Oh yes, I’ve had awful 3 milers for sure! I usually feel best when it’s an off season (hasn’t been one in a while) and I just get to run whatever I feel like that day.

    • I am impressed with you! Too hot=not run outside, run late in the day, or run on the treadmill.

  3. Oh my, what a cute swim cap!! Are you thinking of a tri maybe???? 🙂

    Yes, Quest bars aren’t cheap but they are really really good. The S’more flavor is truly my all time favorite!

    • Definitely not a tri. I prefer to stick to running. I would love to be part of a team of 3 and I do the running portion.

  4. Oops…pressed “enter” too soon 🙂 I was also going to say that I am enjoying getting back in the gym for some upper body weights as well. That Utah race made me realize how weak my core has gotten from not keeping to my regular weight lifting schedule… so I’m back at it! Enjoy your personal training sessions!

  5. I definitely prefer running outside, but it’s just getting to darn hot! I think I’m going to have to make the treadmill work sooner than later. Running slowly is really hard! But it’ll be beneficial in the long run. Good luck with your Hansons plan – I’d love to build up enough foundation to do that plan in the future. Right now, I worry that the mileage would burn me out too soon.

    • Thanks! My plan has me running 30-40 miles each week but I can understand that it can be overwhelming.

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