As mentioned in this post, I’m attempting to get my own BQ.  I am excited to be training using again the Hansons Method.  In a nutshell, this training is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue.  You train your body to run often so that you are frequently running on tired legs.  The idea is to run this way so that during the last miles of a race you are prepared to push through the final miles.  I purchased a new Hansons Method Marathon Plan and now will be running 5 days (instead of 6) a week. 

Week #14, June 26-July 2

M Ran 5.02 Miles
T Ran 7.02 Miles
TH Ran 7.02 Miles
S Ran 4.02 Miles
S Ran 16.02 Miles

My legs recovered pretty good after Sunday’s long run.  I took a swimming class in the morning and then ran 5 miles in the afternoon.  I did struggle a little but overall enjoyed my run.

Tuesday’s workout was tough.  I had to do 4 x 1 mile with 400/jog recovery along with 1 mile warmup and cooldown.  I was able to hit the required pace for each mile except for the 2nd mile. Overall, I did pretty good!


Later in the afternoon I spent a few hours at National Tire and Battery.  My car needed a new catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.  The catalytic converter was stolen from my car in November 2015 and my neighbor, who is a mechanic, put in a new one for me.  I’ve had my car since June 2006 and I love it.  I have no plans to get a new one anytime soon. My car even has a cassette and CD player but does not have any of the fancy gadgets new cars have these days.

Thursday was one of those days in which I could run and keep on running.  I was not exactly looking forward to it because I dislike tempo runs.  I mean, I know the benefits of them but still do not like them.  Well, I impressed myself because I felt great!  I think what might have helped was my large DD coffee and QuestBar that I ate before my run. Or maybe I am getting faster and stronger?  Who knows?  But it was a great feeling!

And that was my last run for June!

June 2017 Miles

Today’s run was tough.  I was ready to run 16 miles.  I fueled with Generation UCAN in the morning and also filled up my hydration vest with water and UCAN Hydrate.  I even made my own gel version with the sports drink mix and water.  I took half of it around mile 9 and the rest around mile 13.  I don’t know what happened but I was hurting and almost started to cry towards the end.  It did not go as I thought it was going to and I know every runner has days like those.

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Total mileage for the week: 38.10 miles
Total mileage for this training cycle:  344.52 miles
Total mileage for the year: 392.71 miles

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap.  This week’s host is Kim at Running on the Fly.  Please stop by her blog and show her some love!   I am also linking up with Courtney for her Training Recap Link Up!

Hoping everyone had a good week!

34 Comments on Road to BQ Week #14

  1. Congrats on your monthly mileage for June!

    You killed it again this week! Super congrats on your long run today in the heat and humidity!!

    • Thank you! I trained last summer for the Chicago Marathon using Hansons as well. My goal race for my BQ is 3:50. I need 3:55 to qualify but I am giving myself an extra 5 minutes.

    • Thanks Wendy. Those are the best runs but then we also have those runs that require much more work.

  2. You’re right, we all have bad runs when we don’t expect them. Don’t let it get you down. And I am so totally with you on tempos! Let’s just say I extremely dislike them but they sure do work.

    My car is a 2000. Although it has a CD player (no cassette player), it no longer works. I am beginning to think about replacing it. I parked next to a guy this weekend who has the same car, same year!

    • Thanks Judy! I am ready to tackle another week of training. Sunday is “only” 12 miles. 🙂

      What kind of car will you get?

  3. You had a great week despite the one run that was tough. As you said, they happen to all of us…..even though we know they will happen, they still kind of bite, ha!

    • Thanks Kim! I just need to remember that despite those bad runs, I can still run and finish a marathon.

  4. While my car is a 2016 model, I don’t have Sirius XM. My parents have it and spend half the time switching stations. I still stick with my iPod and have playlists so I don’t waste time switching stations. Once I’m driving, I want music and don’t want to fish for it.

    • I would also stick to the playlist. I’ve spent time fine tuning them that I would want to listen to them all of the time. Right? For now I have two radio stations that I switch to back and forth when I am driving.

  5. Looks like a great week of training! I love those runs where it feels like you can run forever. When you have one of those runs while following Hansons that’s a great sign!!

  6. Look at you my friend! You are killing those training runs…..and swimming!! Ugh, 16 miles though….I just don’t think I could do it. You are already a hero in my book! Don’t be too hard on yourself ….it’s freaking JULY!!! Hang in there….you’ve done this before and you can do it again! 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, that is what I keep telling myself. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. Sometimes it is just HARD!!!

  7. You are laying down some miles for sure. Great job on your June mileage. I marathon trained last year for a Fall marathon and summer training was tough! Take it easy on long run days and hopefully they will start to feel easier as time progresses.
    It is awesome you are having runs that feel you could go forever in the heat! That is a good sign 🙂

    • Thank you. Marathon training is not easy at all..especially in the summer. But the race feels glorious in the fall.

  8. Great job this past week! I’m in my offseason but now find myself envious of your mileage! Tempo runs really intimidate me, so nice work!

    • Thank you. I hope that one day I will get to like them. Maybe just a little bit. 🙂

  9. Yay for trying to BQ!!! I’m also in the midst of a BQ journey and plan to run St. George Marathon the day before your Chicago 🙂 Good luck to you!

    • Thank you. I’ve heard many great things about the St. George Marathon. Good luck!!!

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