You can read about my day at sea and the views of Hubbard Glacier  HERE.

Finally race morning!  We were happy it wasn’t really but weather was in the mid 50s and humid.

Our group was one of the first ones to get off the ship.  We were VIPs.  🙂  Then a bus took us to North Douglass Island for the race.


There was gear check and a few goodies for us.  

A few pictures before the start.

Time to run.

The previous day, Jenny mentioned that the course was pretty but had some hills.  I didn’t care about the hills (SHOCKING!!) because my goal was to enjoy it.   We had 4 hours to finish the race so we had plenty of time.


The course was 4 loops so we  got to see the same views various times.  There was a water station at 1.55 miles (turnaround for those doing the 5k) and another another one at 3.2ish miles.  It was hilly but also had some gorgeous views.



I finished  in 2:42:14.  When I finished, I drank some water, ate a few cookies and waited for Meghann so we could take the bus back to the ship.  

There she is!


Elizabeth ROCKED her race!  She came at about 10 seconds behind the 1st place winner.


Due to some miscommunication, we waited about an hour to a bus.  We were worried because we still had to shower, eat, and be ready for our Mendenhall Glacier Tour.  No worries!  We got it done and were ready on time.  However, what was irritating is that we ended up waiting about 20 minutes for a party of 3 that never showed up. 

Another glacier?  Sure, why not?  But first a scenic drive around town.  I wasn’t too impressed with this tour because the view was so much better at Hubbard Glacier.  

A porcupine and a few ducks.

Then we were back on the ship for another night at sea.


That evening Meghann and I celebrated by enjoying a steak dinner at Chops Grille.  We both had filet mignon and it was delicious.  


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    • It was delicious! I am looking through my pictures again to upload and it is also bringing back great memories. Wish I could do it again!

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