You can read about my day in Skagway HERE.

The next day we were in Icy Strait Point.  The main event of the day was to kayak.  I’ve never done that.  I remember when I signed up, there was only one spot available and I took it as a sign that that spot was for ME.  🙂

I was TERRIFIED.  The thing I was most scared of what of the kayak tipping over.  I did ask how deep the water was and the guide told me about 600 feet.  Yikes!

I am happy to say that I am glad I did this excursion.  The kayak did not tip over.  🙂  We had an OK time.  Don’t think I’ll do it again but never say never, right?


The water was calm.  That helped me feel at ease.  The whole excursion was 2 hours.  We would paddle to an area, listen to the guide tell a story of the area, and then move on to another spot.  However, Meghann and I were doing something wrong because we could not paddle fast enough (I know it isn’t hard to do but we just couldn’t do it right).  No matter what we did, we could never catch up to the group. By the end we just decided not to rush anymore.


Back on the ship for lunch and we saw some whales!  Another highlight of the day!

Dinner was lobster tail.


We had designated seating areas in the dining room.  I enjoyed this because every night we sat at a different table to meet and chat with other group members.  And also because the food was delicious!


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