Friday was the first day of fall.  But it did not feel like it at all.  We’ve been having some HOT weather which is normal for July/August but NOT September.  We have a few more warm days and then it is supposed to cool down.  It looks like it will be cooler for the Chicago Marathon.

Weather Chicago

I am actually looking forward to fall.   For sure the weather.  I am excited to wear shorts/capris with a long sleeve shirt or thin jacket.  To me fall is the best season for running!Ready for fall since last fall

This week I ran 4 days for a total of 11.18 miles which includes a 5k today.  Tuesday’s 2 miles felt tough.  I had Open House at my school on Thursday and I knew I would not want to run afterwards so I ran early in the morning.  It was weird being out there so early.

I got a late start to my run on Saturday and paid for it later.  That afternoon I went to Soldier Field to pick up my bib for the Chicago 5k.  It was a good expo and I was tempted to buy a new pair of Saucony Kinvara 8.  They were only $95 and are very comfortable. But I have too many shoes and definitely do not need another pair.

running 9

Saucony Kinvara 8

Today I ran the Chicago 5k.  I had signed up for the half marathon but changed it yesterday to the 5k.  Although the medal for the half is much nicer, I am glad I ran the 5k. I didn’t get a PR (wasn’t planning due to the weather) but still pleased with my time.  

Then in the afternoon I attended the “Breaking Through The Wall: Marathon Preparation Seminar”.  Although I am not training for a marathon, I enjoy going to it and hear inspiring stories from various runners.  Last year I met Meb Keflezighi, Desi Linden, and Amy Cragg. This year it was Scott Jurek, Ryan Hall, and Amy Cragg.  It was cool holding Amy’s bronze medal from 2017 World Marathon Championships in London.  When it was my turn to take a picture with her, I asked her if she could hold her medal.  Instead, she asked ME if I wanted to hold her medal.  Yes!!

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap.  

Hoping everyone had a good week!


35 Comments on Ready for Fall, running a 5k, and meeting two olympians and an ultra-ultra marathoner!

  1. What a fun weekend! Congrats on your 5k! How cool is it to meet Amy and hold her medal!!
    I totally agree with the heat wave here…..please send me the fall weather!! lol
    It’s getting so close to Chicago!

  2. How fun to meet all those runners! Congrats on the 5k. My friend and I talked about doing this half–I didn’t want to because logistically, it’s a pain for me. Of course, now I’m really glad I said no!

    • They are very humble. They’re normal people like the rest of us and it must be intimidating getting so much attention.

    • I mean I thought the medal was on the table for display. Didn’t think she would take it out of the box. So I was kind of kidding. 😳😂

  3. So envious of you attending that seminar! I would have loved to hear them all, but Scott Jurek is one of my heroes. Great job on the 5K!

  4. Wow that seminar looks really fun! And after a great week of running too 🙂 I’m really envious of people who can get out of the door early in the morning to run, the only time it works for me is on Sundays but during the week my body is like N.O.P.E. Good job for your 5km!

    • Thanks. I don’t always get up early to run. Definitely on the weekends but during the week I run after school. Tomorrow I may try to run early though.

  5. That definitely would have been a steamy half marathon! Good call on switching to the 5k. That seminar looks very intriguing. How cool you were able to hold the Amy’s bronze medal too. Thanks for linking!

    • Thanks Holly! Congrats on your Century Ride. I should catch up on reading blog posts soon. By the way., did you get my text message. Thank you for the card.

  6. I used to have a crush on Scott Jurek, I don’t know why… maybe because he sounds so heroic on Born to Run… and the long hair, most likely the long hair.

    Congratulations on an awesome 5k!

    • Thanks! It could be the hair. 😀. He is very down to earth. I am just amazed that he could run for so many miles.

  7. It’s so awesome that you live in Chicago and there always seems to be great running events there. You did a great job on your 5K, and I agree that it will be so good for the weather to finally cool down.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, there always seems to be fun events here although I cannot always go to all of them.

  8. Congratulations on that 5k time! That’s a good time especially with the heat!

    How cool to get to meet those runners and sweet that she let you hold her medal 🙂

    Hoping it cools down some here too …it’s killing me to run in this stuff. Besides, I’m dying for some pumpkin spice stuff and just can’t bring myself to eat or drink it when it’s so dang hot!

  9. The seminar seems awesome! I would love to hear those folks speak!

    Good call on switching to the 5K! Bring on the fall temps!

    • Hopefully you can attend the seminar next year as I am sure they’ll have it again. Yes, to fall weather!!

  10. What a fun event! I’m not sure I could even finish a half in that kind of heat. Dropping to the 5K sounds much better!

    • Exactly! We are now enjoying some fall weather. But it looks like it might warm up a little for next Sunday.

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