Happy New Year!  How did you celebrate?  I kept it very low key.  Nothing exciting at all.  My sister came over with my nephew.  We ate and watched TV.  Then they left and I went to bed at 10pm.  Felt great to go to bed early and wake up early the next day.  🙂

Happy New Year 2018

The other day I was thinking about things that I am excited about and looking forward to this year.  There are a few but for now I am picking five of them.  Here they are in no specific order or importance.

1. The Illinois Marathon.  This will be my 9th marathon.  My last marathon was the Chicago Marathon in October 2016 where I ended up with at 5:12:59 finish time.  I am working with a coach to get me to the finish line in April.  I am hoping to finally get a sub 5 finish time.  My training is going well.  Most of my runs have been “easy” and short (30 and 45 minutes).  I know this will get my body ready for when I need to do hard and intense workouts.  This week I ran “specific” miles (3 and 4 miles).

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Races.  In 2013 I ran 14 RnR races.  While it was fun, it was also tiring and expensive.  As a BibRave Ambassador, I have the chance to run again a couple of these races.  I picked Washington DC, New Orleans, Chicago, Savannah, Denver, Las Vegas, Seattle, and San Diego.  There is no guarantee that I will get selected for all of them but I’ll be happy with 2-3 races.

3. Moving to a new apartment or house.  I’ve been living in the same apartment for about 8 years.  When I moved here, I told myself that that would be the last time I would move.  Wrong.  My landlord told me to start looking for a new apartment because he wants to remodel the apartment and sell the building.  Part of me wants to move to another apartment because it is just easier and less responsibilities.  However, another part says it is time to buy a house.  I’ve looked at a few houses and have not seen anything that I like.  My goal is to move no later than March/April (assuming that the landlord gives me till then to move.  What I am most excited about is the possibility of having a bigger bedroom than the one I have now!  🙂

New House Image

4. Run a couple half marathons in new states.  Currently I’ve completed 38 half marathons in different states.  If I get picked for the RnR races (#2) then I will be adding Colorado and Georgia to my list.  I am hoping to also add Delaware and Michigan.

Run all 50 states
Source: www.etsy.com

5. BibRave Ambassador.  I was selected for another year as an ambassador.  I am happy and excited about it!  I’ll have the chance to provide you with various product and race discounts.  I will also have the opportunity to run various races throughout the year and try out different and new to me race products.  I also hope to meet more Ambassadors whether in Chicago or from another state!

Anything exciting you are looking forward to this year?

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    • Yes, I would like to stay in the city and around Midway Airport. I’ve lived for a number of years and like it. Due to the winter not too many people are selling their house. I would like one that is ready for me to move in without having to do major work to it. We’ll see!

  1. It’s exciting to have ownership with real estate! Have you considered a townhouse or a condo? That’s the route the hubby and I first took when we got married…it helped us build equity, but also didn’t have as much “maintenance” as an actual house (no snow to shovel, or grass to mow, or exterior wear and tear) to worry about. Good luck!!

    • Yes I did think about that but I want something with two separate floors (main floor and basement OR attic) so my sister and I can live in two separate floors. It is time I have my own things (again). Years ago I had a condo but sold it to move back home for personal reasons. Now I am itching to have my “own” place again.

  2. Wow, good luck on the house/apartment hunt! That’s exciting. I am happy in my home (I’m here for the long haul) but I still find it fun to look at other house that come on the market! -M

  3. Congrats on the bib rave ambassador role! Moving after living in the same place for 8 years sounds like it will be an adventure. Fingers crossed you find the right place 🙂

  4. I was in bed early for New Years as well. Good luck on the house! So exciting and scary at the same time. Owning a home feels wonderful though!

  5. I moved every two years with apartment living because the rates kept going up. Now I live in a townhouse, with an HOA, so there’s not much maintenance. I don’t have to mow anything, which is awesome.

    • That is the cool thing about a townhouse that there isn’t much maintenance. Similar to a condo but definitely more space.

  6. I love that little plague/chalkboard! I may have to look into that. My birthday is next month. 🙂

    A house is definitely harder. And definitely harder if you’re by yourself. Although I managed somehow when my husband & I were living apart for a couple of years (due to his job). I did have someone to cut the lawn for me, but the rest was on me! At least I didn’t have to shovel (we were still in TX, or at least I was).

    Anyway, I wish you luck with the hunting, whatever you decide!

  7. We were home for NYE as well, although the kids were out. All the best with the house hunt. That’s exciting! Denver is a wonderful city to race in. Can’t wait to see which RnR races you end up with .

  8. Sounds like you have alot of exciting things to look forward to this year! Moving is annoying but can also be fun when you move into a better space. Congrats on being a Bibrave ambassador!

  9. Happy New Year. I prefer a low key NYE and early bedtime too. I didn’t know you already had 38 states under your running belt. That’s very impressive. You’ll enjoy moving into a house. Good luck with your search. And congrats on becoming a BibRavePro Ambassador!

    • Thanks Holly! Hopefully there will be another blogger meetup and I’ll get the chance to see you again.

  10. Good luck with your apartment/house search. I’m hoping we move into a bigger apartment this year too. Our lease is up and we just need more space – especially if the kids come back to visit us in Hong Kong again!

  11. Sorry to hear that you have to move, but I hope you find something you like soon!! I’d love to visit Colorado someday! *-* + congrats on your ambassadorship!

    • Thank you! I am looking at it in a positive way. Knowing that I have to move has forced me to declutter and get rid of some stuff.

  12. They are all exciting things for 2018. Fingers crossed your get the race places and find your perfect house or apartment!

    I’ve not got much planned yet for 2018, apart from 2 half marathons, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a productive year.

  13. Maybe I’ll see you at RnR DC depending on the selections. I actually grew up in Delaware so I’m running the Coastal Delaware as my first marathon. It’s in April if you’re looking to knock DE off your list. And it’s a great excuse to stay at the Dogfish Inn 🙂

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