It’s no secret that I am a fan of Brooks running shoes.  In the past I’ve worn the Ghost, Ravenna, Adrenaline, Pure Flow, Pure Connect, and Pure Cadence.

Lately my all time favorite is the Launch.  I remember my first pair of the Launch 2.  They hurt my feet and I sent them back.  Months later I decided to give them another chance.  Cannot remember the reason.  I mean, they hurt my feet so why would I try them again?  I am very glad I did because those were GREAT.  I was upset when they weren’t available anymore.  Then the Launch 3 came out and they felt different.  I trained one summer in them and then sent them back to Brooks (they have a wonderful 90 day return policy).  They just didn’t feel as good as the Launch 2.  Then the 4 came out and they are just as good as the 2.  

They are so good that I am stocking up.  I have 3 pairs in rotation and have 10 new pairs in boxes.  They’re still on sale at Running Warehouse and I am tempted to get more pairs.  That’s how much I love them!  I know the Launch 5 is available but I am going to wait a few months before trying them out.

I don’t just own running shoes.  🙂  I teach 2nd grade and am on my feet all day long so I need comfortable shoes.  Last summer I invested in a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli ballet flat.  I’ve been wearing them almost everyday and like them a lot.  They’re comfortable but I am not too crazy about the price (the cheapest is $175 and the most expensive is $265).

Each pair comes neatly packed in a blue box with a cute bow.  Tieks are sold in whole sizes only.  Tieks typically suggests going down if you’re a half size unless you have a wide foot or sometimes size up.  I’m an 8.5 but I have wide feet but ordered an 8 and a 9.  Included in the box is a black pouch to store your Tieks and a small tote bag.  There was also a handwritten personalized note which I loved.


I tried both pairs and kept the size 9.  I love that they have FREE shipping.  And if you want to return or exchange them, they also have free return shipping.

You’re probably wondering if they’re worth the price.  For me they are.  I’ve worn shoes from Aerosoles and Naturalizer but after a while my feet hurt.  Plus, they don’t last long.  I will admit that when I first started wearing them, when I went back to work in August, my feet did hurt.  I thought about sending them back.  I couldn’t so I kept wearing them and after a few more days they were comfortable enough to wear all day.  Now, I am very pleased and happy with them.

I know they’re expensive but the next pair I want to get is the Chestnut.  Black and brown are shoe colors that go with pretty much every outfit.  But check how pretty the red, purple, and blue shoes!!  



What is your favorite brand of running shoes?  How many pairs do you have?

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15 Comments on Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

  1. I’m curious about those Tieks. Do they support your arches? I have had way too many battles with PF and so I have to be super careful with flats.

  2. It’s interesting what you said about the Brooks shoes….I seem to notice it with the Adrenalines that every-other model fits awesome. The 15’s were heaven, the 16’s were good (but not great), but now the 17’s are awesome. I’ve experienced that with Mizunos as well…I wish they’d quit changing their perfect shoes!

    • I am a Mizuno Wave Rider wearer. And they are like you mentioned….great one pair and so so great for the next pair. The 20th were AMAZING. My husband thought I was crazy, but after my first pair, I bought 5 more (all I could find on sale).

  3. I’ve seen all sorts of stuff about Tieks on FB. If they’re as comfy and long-lasting as you say, thoy’re worth the $$. Wow 10 pairs of Brooks in reserve? That’s quite a stockpile!

  4. I am a huge fan of Brooks Launch as well. I have never heard of Tieks, but am always on the hunt for a comfy shoes. I am a little confused though, you said the great thing was free shipping and free returns, but you said you almost wanted to send them back but couldn’t. Why couldn’t you if the return was free?

    • I couldn’t return them because I had already worn them. The company will not accept shoes that have already been worn.

  5. I’m lucky that I work in Boulder. We still have to look professional, but I can wear my sneakers to work, and my feet stay happy. I gave up heels a while ago since they hurt my knees.

    • Lucky you! I can wear sneakers on Friday with my pair of jeans. Sometimes I wear sneakers to work and then change once I am there.

  6. Ive been thinking about trying Tieks but I never spend that much on shoes! Its nice that they have free shipping, that may make it easier to order a pair and see how they feel.

    • I know what you mean about the price. That is why I waited so long to get them. Now I am glad I bought them.

  7. I tried a pair of Brooks Pure Connect and absolutely loved them. Unfortunately my ankle started bothering me shortly after running in them so I switched back to my Newtons. I’m always open to trying new shoes but always end up right back in a Newton. Guess they’re just the right shoe for me. Lol

    • Yes to Newtons! I’ve also worn them but ended up with my pain in my toes (something like Morton’s Neuroma). But I did like how they felt when running in them.

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