How is it that it is almost February?  January is definitely going by fast.  We’ve had our share of very cold but also mild days in Chicago.  I am definitely looking forward to warmer days.  Then I will probably be complaining that it is too HOT!  That is why fall is my favorite season for running.  

I always get excited when I read about something in a blog/Facebook/Internet/etc that someone else likes and recommends.  Recently, I’ve learned about some new items (to me) that I like and have been using for running or everyday use.

1. Lily Trotter Socks.  These compression socks are easy to put on and come in fun colors.  They have the right amount of compression and are also comfortable.  I’ve been wearing them on my runs and also to recover from my workouts.  My legs feel great!

2. Detach.  As a BibRave Ambassador, I have the opportunity to try out this product.  Detach is is a coconut water-based drink with only a subtle coconut flavor, improved electrolyte balance, low glycemic energy & a micro-protein blend to help you have a great workout.  The drinks are certified paleo, low GI and gluten free.  I like that it isn’t sweet, with a very light flavor, but not artificial or overpowering.  I’ve used it on a long run (100 minutes) and never felt thirsty.  I actually found it to be refreshing and it was just what I needed on that run.

3. Smartwool Socks.  I love the Women’s PhD® Run Ultra Light Micro Socks.  They’re thin, they have enough cushion, protect against blisters, and feel comfortable.  I can wear them for a few days without washing and they don’t smell.  🙂  However, these are not long enough and do not cover my ankles when running in tights during the winter.  When wearing tights, I use the crew socks.  They are just as comfortable as the micro socks and my ankles stay warm.  I also have a pair of the Light Elite and these have more cushion and also keep my feet extra warm during the cold winter days.  I was afraid that with the extra cushion my shoes would feel tight but that isn’t the case.

4. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp.  Depending on how I feel or what I have going on after work, I do my runs in the morning or after school.  I have a Nathan headlamp that I thought I lost but then found in my car.  Someone recommended this lamp and I love it.  It has 350 lumens of power, three-color RGB night vision and improved peripheral lighting for close-range tasks.  I haven’t figured out all of those features but I just know that it is bright!

5. Orgain Organic Protein Powder.  A few friends recommended this to me.  This is plant based with 21 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and no added sugar.  I love the Creamy Chocolate Fudge but the Vanilla Bean is delicious.  They both have a clean taste and is never too sweet.  I make a shake in the morning for breakfast and it keeps me full till lunch (I drink it around 7am when I get to school and eat lunch at 11:35am).  Another great thing about it is that with this protein powder you have proteins from grains (brown rice), seeds (hemp, chia) and legumes (pea) and is also gluten-free, soy-free and non-gmo.  I purchased mine on Amazon but I know they’re also available at Target and Costco.

Orgain Protein Powder-1

Have you tried any of these products?  Any products you like that you can recommend to me?

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24 Comments on Friday Five 2.0-5 New to Me Things That I Like

  1. I’ve run in SmartWool for years. I really like their socks. They have completely updated their styles too, so that’s fun!

    I’ve had the Orgain protein drinks, but I’ve never used the powder. Is it sweetened? I’m really averse to anything presweetened.

    • Yes, I love their styles and colors. I’ve never tried the drink. How is it? There is stevia in the powder.

  2. Smartwool is the only thing I’ve tried from your list. They aren’t generally cushioned enough for me for running (I like a really cushy sock!) but they’re great for everyday wear.

    Detach sounds really interesting & one of these days I need to try Lilly Trotters! They’re so cute!

    • Have you tried the light elite? Those have more cushion that the ultra light. Yes, Lily Trotters are cute! I have 4 pairs and would like to get more. Hope you try Detach and let me know what you think of it.

    • The headlamp is the best! It is definitely brighter and it is perfect for my runs in the dark.

    • The name is cute! Try these out. They’re not too tight and you won’t struggle to put them on.

  3. I haven’t tried any of these products but I guess they are all US based products? I use pro-compression socks generally – I like that they are medium compression and I don’t have any problems with blisters and the like.

    I did see a coconut water type drink the other day in the supermarket – maybe I should actually try it, see if it has the same effect!

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