Random Thoughts Thursday

Man, the groundhog was not kidding with stating that we’ll have 6 weeks of winter!  Chicago got so much snow that schools were closed last Friday.  And it didn’t stop there because we got more snow on Saturday night.  Luckily it’s been warming up and the snow is melting.  Hopefully that 6 week prediction will be proven false.

Let’s talk gray hair.  I get a few here and there.  They’re so small that really I use tweezers to pull them out.  Sunday afternoon I found two long ones.  Well, maybe 3 inches long.  I couldn’t leave them alone.  I pulled them out and felt better.  Do you leave or pull them out?

If a friend prefers money for her birthday would you give it to him/her?  Someone posted on Generosity.com that instead of birthday presents this year, to consider making a contribution (fundraiser) for her upcoming trip.  I’ve seen posts in which people ask for birthday donations to an organization but never for a trip.  I don’t know if I was appalled, angry, or annoyed.  I haven’t decided if I want to unfollow or unfriend this person. 

I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 40 years and have seen my share of “Chicago Dibs“.  However, I’ve never been a part of it till this year.  After Friday’s snowstorm I had my very own personal spot in front of my house.  I put a chair there to claim my spot.  I did some errands Saturday and Sunday and my spot was still there.  I came home late on Monday and someone else had parked in “my” spot.  Someone had moved my chair.  I was annoyed.  How dare they?  I got over it pretty quickly because I found another spot right away.

• Amazon Prime has the best customer service!  I ordered two containers of Orgain Organic Protein Powder last week and they were supposed to arrive on Saturday.  I forgot about it and then remembered on Monday morning.  I checked my account and found out that the driver couldn’t deliver it because it was a gated community and couldn’t get access to my house.  I was annoyed.  I sent an email to Amazon stating that I do not live in a gated community.  I also asked why didn’t the driver come back on Sunday?  Hours later I got an email from them with an apology and letting me know that my package was lost due to carrier error.  They offered to send another order for next day delivery free of charge.  Well, Monday night when I came home I saw that my first order had arrived.  The next day my replacement order arrived.  Definitely love their service

• Have you tried Cafe Bustelo?  Saw it at Target.  It is pretty good.  A bit strong but with good flavor.  I am still trying to figure out the correct coffee to water ratio.  I’ve tried one tablespoon for each cup of water but that was too strong for me.  Yesterday I used one teaspoon for each cup and while it wasn’t that strong, it was stronger than how I normally drink it.  Next is one teaspoon for 2 cups of water.  We’ll see.

What are some of your random thoughts today?

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  1. I don’t know about giving someone money for their birthday, but Im fine with doing that for weddings. I know that it was nice to get money when I got married that we could use for our honeymoon or save for a house!

  2. Yeah, well, it’s pretty obvious I’m not pulling out any gray hairs. 🙂 I did highlights for a while, when there was far less. Then I tried coloring it a few years — it was just too much maintenance for me.

    I’ve never lived in a big city — thank God, because I don’t parallel park. At all. Seriously!

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