Last week I wrote about why I love running.  But it isn’t always unicorns and roses.  As much as I love it, there are a few things I don’t like about running.  Let me tell you about it.

• Chafing all over.  Oh boy, that is definitely the worst.  Throughout the years I’ve had my share of chafing in my inner thighs, in the bra area, and the inside of my arms.  I make sure to always use body glide but I guess sometimes I don’t use enough.  It is much worse in the summer when I am sweaty or when running in the rain.  I remember I chafed so bad during the 2015 Chicago Marathon that I could hardly walk.  It took a few days for it to heal and for me to walk like a normal person again.

• Blisters on feet.  Those suckers are just as painful as chafing.  They’re less painful when I pop them and drain the fluid.  I know I’m not supposed to do that but to me it definitely feels better.  I remember I got a blood blister in my toe from running Goofy in 2014.  I didn’t leave it alone and drained the fluid and that helped with the pain.  I also got a couple from running the 2015 Chicago Marathon (same year as chafing).  << The next time I ran the Chicago Marathon there was no chafing nor blisters.

• The weather.  This one isn’t really running’s “fault”.  This winter has been a mixture of very cold weather and a lot of snow.  Luckily I’ve been able to do most of my runs outside but it hasn’t been easy.  I’ve tried to be positive and make the best of each run.  Sometimes it works and sometimes I wonder why the heck I am training for a marathon.  I know I will complain again when it is summer.  Why is it so darn HOT outside?!?!?!  That is why for me the best running weather is during the Fall. 

• Being tired.  When I was training using the Hansons Method, I was tired all of the time.  That program is intense but at the same time I enjoyed running 6 days a week.  Currently I am training with a coach and I am running 4-5 times a week.  Not as hectic as before but there are some days that I am so exhausted and don’t want to get up in the morning and go to work.  I actually look forward to my rest days.  🙂

• An achy body or injuries.  Long runs and speed workouts take a toll on your body.  But it is those runs along with easy/recovery runs that make us better and faster runners to help us achieve our goal.  But that also comes with a price.  Our body aches.  We are sore.  A good kind of soreness.  But we wake up the next day and run again.  Let’s not forget about injuries.  Those suck!  I’ve been injured a few times and it isn’t fun at all.  Not being able to run drove me crazy.  But it took time, patient, and rest for me to get better and start running again.

What don’t you like about running?

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22 Comments on Dear Running: I do love you but sometimes I don’t!

  1. I don’t like that it takes time to get faster. Some days I feel like I am doing all the right things but I get impatient that improvement is a slow process. And then when you stop running even for 2 weeks, it takes time to get back into things!

    • Lucky you for not chafing. Cold and wind is a bad combination for running but at the same time can make the run quite challenging.

  2. I’ll never forget the blood blister I got at NYCM. That was the last time I ever wore Mizuno Wave Creations. That sucker was the size of Asia, I swear.

  3. I had to adjust to the new climate in Denver, and I was chafing in places I’d never chafed before. It took a few weeks for me to realize it’s because it’s so dry here, I wasn’t used to it.

  4. We are definitely on the same wavelength with chafing and blisters! I don’t know what’s worse – being out for a long run and know you’ve chafed but you still have miles to finish or having it be a surprise find when you get in the shower. UGH.

  5. I hate chafing. I especially hate that I can go months & months without it, and then wham! A little yelping in that shower (unless I’m actually aware that I’ve chafed & use some anit-chafe cream before the shower — totally works!).

  6. I haven’t had them in awhile, but I usually get blisters under the very tips of my toe nails (on the first toe next to the big toe). the fluid is always clear, so I don’t have any black toe nails to brag about, but I’m sure they’re caused by the way my toes grip. I have to pop them or I can hardly stand LOL

  7. Blisters and chafing have caused me a lot of problems in the past! Im hoping I can find a way to avoid then. And the weather can really make running challenging.

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