I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of February!  Two months done for the year.  If you have been following along my training for the Illinois Marathon, you know that this winter has sucked.  I’ve run in freezing weather and in the snow.  It hasn’t been easy and I had to talk myself into getting out there.  

To date I’ve run 81.90 miles.  I have a run today and Wednesday.  I still won’t make my goal of running 100 miles per month.  I know it is my fault because I did miss 2 workouts and didn’t complete another one that was 11 miles.  Oh well.  My marathon is in two months and I know there will be heavy mileage coming up and for sure will go over 100 miles each month.  As long as I have at least 1,200 miles for the year I will be happy.


2018 Goal

• Total time run is 16:11:13.  That is about the same amount of hours from the time I wake up in the morning to the time I am in bed at night and start all over.  Fascinating!

• I’ve run 16 days.  This training cycle has me running 5 days a week.  I’ve been doing pretty good even with this crappy weather.  I am proud of myself for getting out there.

February 2018 Calendar

• I’ve had some great quality session workouts.  Not only have they been great but they’ve been fun!  I’ve managed to hit the required paces and that has been a great confidence booster.  I remember how before I would do these workouts on the treadmill because it would help me stay on pace.  Now I can do these on my own with no help from it.

• I have not kept up with strength workouts.  I slacked off.  I had signed up to do a February Challenge (Supermans, Squats, and Russian Twists) with a few other bloggers and did good for the first few days and then stopped.  I got tired and lazy.  Hopefully there will be another challenge in March that I can participate.

February 2018 Report Card

So how did February go for you?

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24 Comments on February was good for me!

  1. In spite of the weather challenges, looks like you had a good, quality month! I think winter makes us tougher runners. Hopefully March won’t be so crummy. Altho it looks like it’s coming in like a lion…

    • Thanks Wendy! I think this was the first time that I can remember that I did most of my runs outside. You and I know it was miserable.

    • I did. Thanks! I agree that there is always next month. At least this month I did more than in January.

  2. Besides the awful weather, you had the shortest month of the year to get those miles in, so there’s that, too! Sounds like you had a great month overall. I tend to do the same as you did with your challenge–I am good about it for a few days, then slack off and just stop.

  3. Congrats on a solid month despite our crazy weather. I’m thankful I did not commit to a spring marathon. Ha! I think we’re over the hump on winter weather. At least I hope so!

  4. You’re doing a great job in winter. I spend my time inside when the weather isn’t perfect. I just don’t like being cold, and we’ve had icy sidewalks and paths.

  5. I think it’s great, absolutely GREAT, that you can do your own pacing without relying on the treadmill! That is a huge victory! Even though I”m not a treadmill fan, I realize there are many benefits to a machine keeping the user on pace…but that machine will not be there with said user on race day LOL You did an excellent job battling the crazy weather!

  6. Nice job getting so many of the runs in despite the weather! It’s so hard to keep on track with cross training when your mileage starts increasing!

  7. It feel so good when you hit the paces in training right?! I am still on the treadmill a lot because I’m a wuss about running outside in bad weather. It’s helpful to keep me on pace but I’m always a little anxious when I transition back to the road if I’ll be able keep the pace myself – Awesome that you can do it!

  8. 5 days a week of running – I wish I could do that! You had a really solid month! I fell shy of my 100 miles since I missed a long run, but it’s all good! This winter has been crazy, can’t wait till it’s over!

    • True about this winter! I was hoping for warmer weather but now we have snow and rain in the forecast. Bummer.

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