Illinois Marathon-2

Week #19, April 2-8

M Rest
T 3.23
W 2.92
TH 7.24
F Rest
S Ran 4.00
S Ran 15.34

Tuesday was a nice 40 minutes of running.  I also cut off 3 inches from my hair (feels so much better) and bought card stock paper and pens at Michael’s.  I went there to return some ribbon that I had purchased in December.  The paper is pretty!  Someone suggested I use it to make something for Mother’s Day.

Illinois Marathon-174

A friend of mine had mentioned the Brooks Asteria as a good running shoe and I ordered a pair.  Got mine on Wednesday in time for my 35 minutes run.  I like the colors and the feel reminds me of the Pure Flow.  That was my favorite shoe before I discovered the Launch.

Illinois Marathon-175

I ran in them again for Thursday’s run.  I also received a pair of the Oiselle Pocket Jogger Shorts.  I’ve heard great things about it and am thinking that this might be the shorts I wear for the Illinois Marathon.  The weather was decent and I didn’t know it was going to snow.  It began when I was out there and I did not want to return home to change.  I kept running.  It wasn’t that bad and eventually it stopped.  You can see my legs are red.  🙂

My run was 2 mile warm up, 2×15 minutes @10:43 pace, 2 mile cool down.  I ran by feel and didn’t look at my watch but knew I was running those 15 minutes at a faster pace and it felt comfortable.  I had no idea the second interval was faster.  That was another confidence booster that I needed for my upcoming marathon.

Illinois Marathon-178

Saturday morning I went out for 4 miles.  It was cold (20 degrees) but very sunny which warmed me up.  I also ran by feel and felt comfortable on my run.  I had headwind the first 2 miles but knew it would be much better when I turned around for the last 2 miles.  I didn’t mean to go faster than my easy pace (11:56-13:04) and I ended up with negative splits.

Illinois Marathon-179

Less than 3 weeks till the Illinois Marathon!  🙂

Illinois Marathon-180

Today’s run was a 3 hour run (45 minutes warm up, 3×30 minutes @10:55, 10:45, and 10:35, then 45 minutes cool down).  I was hurting when I was done.  The wind was just too much and no matter where I turned, it was there trying to push me back.  I didn’t hit all of my paces but I am still proud because I ran for 3 hours.  Plus, the average pace for the 3rd interval is 10:44 which is a big decrease from the 2nd interval average pace of 10:57.  Pretty good!

I believe this is my longest run for this marathon training.  No 20 miles for me.  🙂

Total mileage for the week: 32.73
Total mileage for this training cycle: 415.02
Total mileage for the year: 336.19

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How was YOUR week?  

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