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As you’ve been reading along these past few months, I’m training for the Illinois Marathon on April 28th.  I began my training on November 27 (just realized it will be 5 months of training).  I joined an online coaching group with Mary and Rochelle where they’re coaching a group of women training for the Boston Marathon.  We had our last Facebook Live call yesterday in which Mary talked about the course.  It was interesting and one day I will be there!

This has been a hard and wonderful training experience.  It felt hard because of the weather and some of the runs.  I did most of my training outside and there were so many COLD days.  I did 4 runs on the treadmill.  Surprised I didn’t do more since I don’t mind too much running on it.  However, I did tell myself that I would try to do my runs outside and only on the treadmill when I really and absolutely had do.  <<Nothing wrong with it but a personal preference.

Illinois Marathon-41

Illinois Marathon-96

My training began with mostly easy runs.  Those felt good.  Sometimes it was hard to run “slow”.  That wasn’t a problem later in the training when the runs got more intense and my body could only run “slow”.  Sometimes I even ran slower than the “slow” pace and I was OK with it.  I did miss a few runs – I was too tired or didn’t feel like running outside or the treadmill.

I had some awful and great runs.  Awful because the pace felt hard or the weather conditions simply didn’t help (this has been a LONG winter).  Some great runs because the weather was decent and/or I nailed the required paces.  Those were GREAT confidence boosters and just what I needed when I had a run that didn’t go well.  All about balance, right?  Marathon training isn’t easy.  We have our good and bad runs.

My last long run was this Sunday – 3 hours.  Ugh, I was cold and tired at the end.  I will admit that I had my doubts (again) about how I would complete a marathon when I had no desire to run after 3 hours (and this marathon will take me more than 3 hours).  

Illinois Marathon-181

So let me tell you about my goals for this marathon.  I still have 3 weeks of training and a few more “long” runs.  Nothing crazy like 3 hours but yet more like an 1 hour or so.  

Illinois Marathon 2018 Goals

After the marathon I will take some time off.  I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon (October 28) and I know Mary and Rochelle will have another coaching group training for that marathon.  For sure I will be a part of it!

I do have 2 races that I signed up for in May.  I am doing the Chicago Spring Half Marathon/10K (I signed up for the 10K) on May 20 and the Soldier Field 10 Mile on May 28.  While I would love to PR in those races (it’s been years since I’ve PR in those distances), I have to see how my body recovers and feels after the marathon.  It will feel weird not running 5 days a week but I am sure my body will love the time off.

If you’re in the Chicago area and would like to join me, below are two codes you can use.

Byline Bank Chicago Spring Half-1

Use code “BRSoldierField” to score some bonus RAM Racing sunglasses for the Soldier Field 10 Mile.

RAMRacingSunglassesHow is YOUR Spring Training coming along?  Does it feel like Spring where you live?  Not here.  We had snow yesterday.  🙁

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22 Comments on Spring Training Update!

  1. It sounds like your training has been going great! It was definitely a tough winter for training. Hopefully the weather will be nice and cool (but not cold!) on race day!

    • Thanks Lisa! I’ve been checking the weather in Champaign and am hoping that number increases on race day. 🙂

  2. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of weather you have for your marathon! This spring has been so ridiculous! I commend you for running 3 hours last Sunday. It was so cold!

    • Thanks Wendy! I procrastinated as long as I could. It was OK in the beginning but then it got too cold. Sigh. At least now we’ll have a few nice days.

  3. This (extended) winter has been tough. I’m grateful I did not have a marathon to train for. I think you’ll do well on your shorter races since you’ll have marathon endurance under your belt.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! I had NO idea how “bad” it would be training for Spring Marathon.

  4. It surely does not fee like spring here either. I have a race in Atlantic City this weekend so hopefully it’ll warm up by the weekend! Great job continuing to train for your marathon. The weather can always be struggle while marathon training.

    • Thanks! It has been a struggle and I had no idea how “bad” it was going to be training for a Spring Marathon. Have a great race this weekend!

  5. I got news for you — just barely beginning training & already there’s been good & bad runs. That’s the way life is — you need some bad to make the good ones feel good! And I know when I get to the end of a training cycle, I tend to slow down. I’m tired! And that’s just for a half!

    Yeah, definitely no at all spring like here yet. Friday is supposed to be nice, but that’s just one day.

    I hope you meet your A goal & you know the excitement of race day will help you run longer — and the memory of all your training runs will help you get through that last 10k, too.

  6. It’s been a rough winter of training! Mine isn’t so great either – I am just hoping I am not the last one finishing at Boston LOL. I hope you have a great marathon and hit your goal – sometimes you surprise yourself and do way better than expected!

  7. 3 hours?! That makes me feel tired. Great job getting that done. I’ve done so much of my training on the treadmill this winter.

  8. I thought I had been training for my marathon for a long time but you’ve got me beat! It’s been tough these past few months but the hard work will pay off! I’ll be rooting for you for upcoming race!

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