Random Thoughts Thursday

• How is it May already?  I am loving it!  A few more weeks of school till summer break.  Somehow we skipped Spring and went right into Summer.  We’ve had a few very warm days.  Haha, now I will be complaining that it is too hot here.

• There is some construction in front of my house.  It started back in March and no one could park between 7am-3pm.  Not a problem for me.  I am gone before 7 and get home after 3.  Early this week there was a new sign letting us know that there is no parking before 5pm.  What?  Where the HECK am I supposed to park?  Luckily they’ll be done before I am on summer break.

No Parking

• I am going to San Francisco in a few weeks because my nephew graduates from the University of Berkeley.  I made some changes to my reservation and knew that it would “cost” me some extra points.  Not a problem.  However, I was not expecting to get a message letting me know that it would “cost” me even more points.  I then went to change my mom’s reservation and sure enough got the same message for her.  Seriously?  Things move pretty fast and fares have changed already?  TWICE?  Make up your mind.


• Any “Scandal” fans?  Not sure if I liked the ending.  Actually I was kind of disappointed with it.  I am upset about what happened to David.  I mean, really?  He was one of the nicest and good guys on the show and that was his ending?  As for Cyrus, man, could not stand him.  He is the perfect example of someone you don’t need in your life.  

I posted that last Friday I signed up to be a donor for Be The Match.  I received a call early in the week and in so many words was told that they were only taking applications for people between the ages of 18-34.  (I am older than 34).  But if I was still interested in being a donor, I could apply again and pay for the swab kit myself.  I just went online and there is a form that can be filled out to order a swab kit (I think it is free).  Kind of annoying that I have to order one when someone from Be The Match already did a cheek swab.

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  1. I’m eagerly waiting for the day when airlines stop being jerks with jacking up fares at whim. I’m not holding my breath but come on!

  2. I can’t even imagine living in a city and dealing with the parking — I’ve never lived in a city!

    Wow, that is such a narrow age bracket for donors. I wonder what the reason is?

    • Where I live isn’t that bad. There are buildings with various apartments so there tends to be 1-3 cars per unit. The worst is in popular areas like Lincoln Park on the north side where it is much more difficult to find parking.

      I thought that bracket was weird too. What annoyed me more is that I was there and she did the swab test. Now I have to do it again? And why didn’t she tell me about the age limit?

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