Random Thoughts Thursday

I spent a few days in San Francisco and need a vacation from my vacation.  It was fun!  But with the time change and the long flight home, I was exhausted today.  Luckily tomorrow is Friday and I can relax this weekend.

• While in SF I got a parking ticket.  It wasn’t my fault.  The no parking sign for street cleaning was for 12-2pm and I got the ticket at 8:20 am.  I am so annoyed!  I am sure the police officer did it on purpose since the car had out of state plates.  Not sure if I should contest it or just pay the fine.  

SF Ticket

• I honestly do not understand Southwest.  They increased the number of points (at the LAST minute) needed when I changed a flight reservation for me and my mother.  Then I was looking for flights to Denver in October and saw that the senior fare is much higher than the wanna get away fare.  Does that really make sense to you?

SW Ticket

• I really dislike it when a company sends too many emails.  I received so many from KT Tape that I actually sent a tweet to them.  Apparently it was a technical issue.  So far I haven’t received any more emails.  Has that happened to you?

KT Tape Emails

• So far I am loving A Wrinkle in Time.  I remember reading it in 5th grade.  The movie is out and that sparked my interest in reading the book again.  I am about 3/4 done and cannot wait to see the movie.  Have you read the book and/or seen the movie?

A Wrinkle in Time.jpg

• Apparently the average adults spends 12 hours a day connected to social media.  Wow!  That is half a day.  That is A LOT.  Time to finish this post and get off my computer.

12 Hours SM

Yanny or Laurel?  I hear Laurel.

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  1. It’s weird — I heard the audio thing on the tv & the radio — and heard a different thing each time!

    I didn’t see the movie & I never read the book as a kid, but I got the trilogy when the movie came out. I really like the first one (Wrinkle) but the other two didn’t move me as much.

    A parking ticket on vacation is just wrong. 🙁

    • I haven’t heard it on TV nor the radio, only on the computer. Interesting how people hear it differently. I have about 2 more chapters of the book to read. I am still annoyed about the ticket but decided to just pay it.

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