Random Thoughts Thursday

• Sock, sock, shoe, shoe OR sock, shoe, sock, shoe.  Definitely both socks first and then the shoes.  🙂  You?

Shoes and Socks.JPG


• I went to the zoo with my students on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful day for a field trip but man it was HOT and exhausting.  A few parents went with me and I was thankful for them going with me.  I took 20 students and cannot imagine being with them alone on this trip.  Parents that help out and/or chaperone on a field trip are the BEST!

• I’ve been experiencing some pain in the left leg.  I ran on Monday morning and then skipped Tuesday and today’s run.  I stretched and foam rolled and felt better.  I also applied some KT Tape on my calf and knee.  That helped.  But I wonder if it really helps or if it is just in my head. 

KT Tape-1

• Have you heard of Brandless?  It is company that pretty much sells everything from toilet paper to facial toner (no brand) for $3.  I haven’t bought anything yet but am very interested in it.  I like that when you make a purchase, a meal is donated to someone in need through a partnership with Feeding America.


• My car now has 99,000 miles.  I purchased it in June 2006 and it still runs great.  My car has a cassette and CD player and I LOVE it.  🙂  When I was in San Francisco last week, I rented a 2018 Ford Escape.  It was fancy for me.  It was keyless (took me a few minutes to figure out how to turn on the car) and had so many fancy gadgets.  It short of convinced me to get a new car.  Then I came home and got in my car.  I really like mine.  It works great and I don’t want to deal with a car payment.  No new car for met….yet.


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