Random Thoughts Thursday

• A nice evening last week enjoying a sunset.  Simply beautiful, right?


• Saw this on the counter at Starbucks.  Umm, OK.  Shouldn’t that be common sense?


I was inspired by Kim’s post on her Be The Match experience.  I signed up at the Illinois Marathon expo but then received a voice mail message letting me know that I would have to sign up again and pay $100 for the cheek swabs.  Well, I decided to try again.  I am very annoyed that because of my age I would have to pay $100 to join the registry.  Part of me wants to pay but then I get annoyed again that I have to pay.

Be The Match-1

• Saw this mug at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.  Hilarious!  It was tempting to get it but I have so many mugs at home.

Funny Coffee Mug-1.jpg

• I bought my car on June 6, 2006 and it finally reached 100,000 miles.  I love my car.  It isn’t fancy like the ones now but it is just perfect for me.

Car Mileage-1.jpg

• Grease turns 40?  How is that possible?  I think I’ve watched it 2 or 3 times?


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  1. Ugh i hate the Be The Match makes you pay that fee based on your age. I don;t quite understand why they do that but I guess it’s just their policy.

    That sign at Starbucks makes me so sad. In this society that should be common sense but we all know that sometimes common sense isn’t so common!

    • I was bummed about it too Kim. I really would like to sign up and possibly be a donor. I roll my eyes at stuff that is supposed to be common sense and people have a hard time following it.

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