Random Thoughts Thursday

• I mentioned that I have several credit cards but ended up closing most of them.  One of those cards is a Sam’s Club credit card.  I rarely use it.  I use it as a membership card.  One time I used it at the gas station but must have forgotten to use another one to pay.  A few weeks later I closed my account.  Last week I received an email letting me know that payment was due.  I was surprised because I did not know I had a balance.  Well, imagine my surprise when I logged in my account and not only did I owe $23.48 for gas but I also owed a late fee and interest charges (total almost $50).  I did a quick chat session with an agent and he was able to waive the late fee and interest charges.  My balance was was again $23.48 and you bet I paid right away.  Whew!

• I am a big fan of Amazon and think it is funny how much the prices go up and down for some items.  On Thursday I ordered a pair of the Oiselle Women Moto Lesley Tights for $9.32.  These are great for running in the winter.  I know, I know, it is still summer but that is a good price for those tights.  I cancelled the order (stupid reason and now regret it).  The next day the same tights were $88.  Damn! I was mad at myself for cancelling the order.

• Recently I signed up for Billie, Women Shave Club.  It is $9 for the starter kit.  You get a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges.  So far I’ve used it once and like it.  I am going to use it a few more times before writing a review.

Billie Shave Club-2

• IHOP recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary.  To celebrate, they were offering 3 short stacks for 60 cents.  My family and I got there around 9am and it was very crowded.  We were there for about 2 hours and when we left, not only was it still crowded, but there were a lot of people waiting in line.


• Which door would you choose?  I would choose #2.

Which door

• Finished reading this book and loved it.  It will help me understand my students a lot better.

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  1. Wow thats crazy about the price for those tights on Amazon. I’ve experienced the same thing before with the prices fluctuating so much, but I did get some good deals for Prime Day!

    I would choose door #1 on the graphic. It’s so hard to find a normal guy these days!

    • I know, right? I am going to wait and see if Amazon brings down the price again.

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