Random Thoughts Thursday

• I received a email from my Principal that I can start to set up my classroom next week.  While I am excited about this, it means that summer break is almost over and it will be time to go back to work.

teacher back to work

• Where did this summer go?  It went by so FAST!

June and July

• Remember the Brooks PureConnect shoes?  These showed up in my Facebook Memories.  I loved these shoes.  The 2nd version was even better.

Pure Connect

• All this back to school stuff has got me thinking about a Cricut.  It is a cutting machine that you can use to make and decorate many things things.  No more buying letters, cutouts, etc. for the classroom.  With this machine you can make all of that and MORE.  They’re almost $300, but if I can get multiple pairs of Tieks, I can get this too.  🙂

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