Fall Weather-1The official season is not here yet but fall weather is here!  It feels wonderful running in 60-70 degree weather.  Friday evening I went out for a run.  I was supposed to run 4 but thought that it said 5 on my training calendar.  I felt so good and ended up not only doing negative splits, but running faster than I was supposed to.  

Fall is my favorite running weather.  I love seeing the different color leaves on the ground.  I love the cool weather and being able to run in a short sleeve shirt or a thin long sleeve shirt and still not feeling too hot.  I love that I can still run in shorts and not feel cold.

However, I do not like that it gets darker earlier in the day and it gets lighter later in the day.  😉  But still these temperatures are wonderful.

I have a few races coming up soon and I am excited about them!

ZOOMA Great Lakes 5kOriginally I signed up for the half marathon and last week decided to do instead the 5k.  I did the half marathon back in August 2014 when it was held in Chicago.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver.  I am excited to run in a new state.  My last one was in July 2017 when I ran in Alaska.  I remember signing up for this last year but then couldn’t make it but for sure I will be there this year.

RnR Denver 2018-1

Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah.  Another new state for me.  Honestly, I am glad to finally cross GA off my list.  I had wanted to run in Atlanta but somehow couldn’t make it work.  Then when Rock ‘n’ Roll had a special back in June, I took advantage of it and registered for this race.  The logistics suck (for me).  Savannah doesn’t seem like a long way from Chicago but it will take me almost 6 hours to get there (beginning with a 6am flight).  Luckily the race is on Saturday so I will be home that same day and have Sunday to recuperate.  🙂  I’ve heard Savannah is pretty and do have a couple of hours to explore before my flight home.

RnR Savannah 2018-1

For now that is all I have for the fall.  I am kind of excited to train during the winter for Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans.  I’ve run both the marathon and the half marathon.  Last year I trained for the IL Marathon and had many, many great runs even with the cold weather.  Of all of my years of running, I don’t remember running so many days outside during the winter (always used the treadmill when there was snow or “too cold”).  Plus, I learned how to dress properly for winter running.  Haha.  Sounds silly saying it but so true.

RnR New Orleans 2019-1


What is YOUR favorite season for running?  What are your fall race plans?

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16 Comments on 2018 Fall Running Plans

  1. We are now in Spring where I am from and I must say I’m loving running outside now. But Fall is also great. Summer tends to get too hot for me and although we don’t get snow or overly cold winters, it’s still so much harder for me to just get out and run. Best of luck with all those Fall races – sounds like you are going to be quite busy and ticking off those new states will be great too!

  2. The thing about learning how to dress for a season — you always have to relearn it each year, LOL! Like yesterday, when I donned a raincoat (didn’t end up really needing it) and an actual hat for the first time in months & remembered oh yeah, I need a low ponytail for a hat, not a high one like a visor!

    I do love fall running, but I hate the shorter days and am already feeling them.

    I’m still hoping to do Savannah in Feb, but it’s a little in jeopardy at the moment. Obviously I have some time before I have to think about training for it, thankfully!

    Good luck with all your races! It’s a pity you can’t spend more time in Savannah — I do hear it’s nice (also never been there).

    • Thank you! I’ll have to look into the must things to do in Savannah when you only have a few hours. 🙂

  3. I had thought about RnR Denver since I volunteered there last year. I went with a race closer to home, with an easier packet pickup. I would pay a fee for these big races to ship me my bib and shirt if I’m local. I did that with a 5k last year and it was really easy!

    • I love easy packet pickup. There are a few races here in which packet pickup is at a running store and I hate going there. It takes me about an hour to get there and then sometimes twice as long to get home because of traffic. But I will not pay to have my stuff mailed. 😬

  4. Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons. I do much better with running in the cold weather vs summer running.

    I wish that I could do RnR Denver but I have another race that weekend – maybe next year! I’m thinking of doing RnR New Orleans next year too!

  5. Summer is my favorite season, but I do enjoy fall…the pretty leaves and the crisp air are nice. I had contemplated Savannah, but think I’m gonna take a pass. It’s our youngest daughter’s birthday that weekend, and it’s not exactly a quick airplane ride to get there LOL

  6. I think you’ll enjoy RnR Denver! I’ve always wanted to run RnR Savannah but you’re right: Getting there is not easy. It’s such a cute city though. Hopefully it won’t be too sticky for the race.

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