Illinois Marathon-2

Week #9, January 22-28

T Ran 3.76 miles
W Did not run
TH Ran 2.52 miles
F Ran 3.81 miles
S Ran 8.98 miles

Tuesday’s run was done early in the morning.  The temperature was in the low 30s but it didn’t feel too cold.  There was some snow coming down so I was extra careful to as not to fall.

My students were coughing and sneezing early in the week and I ended up with a cold.  On Wednesday I was feeling horrible and couldn’t wait to get home.  Once home I kept taking medicine with Emergen-C and went to bed early.  I missed my quality session workout but did one on Saturday.

I ordered a new headlamp (Black Diamond Storm) from Amazon and received it on Wednesday.  I got a chance to use it during Thursday’s run.  It is bright and I love it!

I had plans after school on Friday so I did my run in the morning.  A 5am wake up call to get this done.  I felt great!  It was in the high 30s and I did get warm on this run.

Illinois Marathon-73

I was a bit nervous about my quality session run on Saturday.  I had to do a 5 mile warmup, 2 x 10 minute intervals @10:45 pace with 3 minutes recovery then 1 x 5 minute interval @10:02 pace and then a 15 minute cooldown.  I was afraid that I wasn’t going to hit the paces.  It was sunny and a perfect day for a run.  I hit all of my paces!  I was so happy (and almost cried) when I saw my stats (10:34; 10:35; 9:47).  I’ve never done a 5 mile warmup and was actually kind of bored with it but I simply took my time and enjoyed the warm weather.  Oh, and I noticed this at the end of my workout but my run ended at 8.98 miles.  If I would have seen this before, I would have kept on running to make it out to an even 9 miles.  

Another great week of marathon training.  My run on Saturday gave me a MAJOR confidence boost and that was exactly was I needed during this marathon training.  I cannot believe that the Illinois Marathon is in 3 months!!

Total mileage for the week: 19.08
Total mileage for this training cycle: 158.36
Total mileage for the year: 79.57

Here’s how training has gone so far:
Week 1
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How was YOUR week?  Have you been doing your runs inside or outside?

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12 Comments on Illinois Marathon Training Recap, Week 9

  1. Congrats on another great week of training! It seems like everyone is sick now, especially children. So sorry that you got a cold 🙁 Hope that you are feeling better now.

    • Thank you. Can you believe that I got sick again? I thought I was better but Sunday evening I started sneezing and coughing again. No bueno.

  2. My runs are a mixture of inside & outside.

    5 mile warmup? I’d probably like it. 🙂 It really takes me a couple of miles to warm up anyway. And I love hitting the paces! Great week!

    • Thank you! I just thought it was weird because I’ve never had to do one that long. So in a way it was pleasant.

  3. Great job with your runs this week! That would drive my crazy to end a run at .98 but what counts is that you hit all your paces!!

    • Thanks! It drove me crazy when I saw those numbers. But then I realized that regardless I still had a great run! 🙂

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