Random Thoughts Thursday

• My new pair of the Brooks Ricochet arrived.  Not sure if I am going to keep them.  They’re supposed to be in between the Launch and the Levitate.  I love both of those shoes but the Ricochet as not as soft.  I like the color but not so much how they feel.

• No reason.  Just because.  Every time I take a picture of Lola, I wonder what is going through her mind.  She makes me laugh.


• I love seeing colors of the leaves.  So pretty. 

• I go to bed early but also wake up early the next day.  There’s been times in which I notice my text messages the next day and am tempted to respond at that moment.  Then I realize that people don’t wake up as early as I do and are probably still sleeping. 

Sleep and Text Message-1.jpg

• My “Day of the Dead” bulletin board is done.  Love it!

Day of the Dead Bulletin Board-1.jpg

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